A week in the life of Southpoint Films

9th May 2015 | Posted in News

It’s been a crazy ride since I launched Southpoint Films Ltd back in November 2013. Over the past eighteen months we’ve expanded, launched a new online live broadcasting service and made awesome videos for over fifty amazing businesses based both locally and all around the world. At the end of the month we’ll be moving from The Chapel to the Ocean Village Innovation Centre where we’ll be able to accommodate more staff/edit suites and offer an even better service to our clients. Things seem to be going really well and as a result I’m truly grateful to all of our wonderful customers for choosing to work with us and to our excellent production team for continuing to make industry leading video content.

So how are we able to do it?

Quite frankly, it’s because we work really, really hard. While every member of the Southpoint Films team is highly skilled in their areas of expertise, our biggest shared skill is our passion and determination for making great video content and our ability to consistently go above and beyond for our clients, regardless of their needs or deadlines.

The thing is, it’s really hard to showcase this ability. Showcasing our product (video) is easy – we can send a link to somebody, show it in a meeting and even display it on our website. How do we showcase passion? Well, we think we’ve found the answer; here’s a look at a typical week in the life of Southpoint Films.

Southpoint Films at the Royal College of Music

Monday – May 4th

Our week started in full swing with a live broadcast from the Royal College of Music – on a bank holiday, no less. (Our week technically started the day before as we prepped equipment in our studio before making the journey to London.) This was a multi camera production in which we were tasked with broadcasting a conference live online for international viewers to watch. The conference itself was focussed on how low latency video conferencing technology can be used to enhance the collaboration of musicians at an international level… so there was no pressure on us to get our stream right!

Southpoint Films at the Royal College of Music

Tuesday – May 5th

While Tuesday marked the second of our three days of live broadcasting, it was in fact the first day of the working week for most of the country. This meant that we were now receiving requests from our current customers as well as enquiries from new customers. When the conference delegates were taking breaks our team were busy answering emails. During this time we uploaded new cuts of videos for our customers to review, sent over screenshots for customers to use in their presentations and offloaded footage captured during the morning of the conference to speed up our editing times later down the line.

After the conference wrapped up our crew went out for dinner and discussed ideas for new projects. I went back to the hotel and wrote a draft business case based on our discussions that we are now developing further.

Southpoint Films at the Royal College of Music

Wednesday – 6th May

Our third and final day at the Royal College of Music. After another successful day of live broadcasting it was time to de-rig our equipment and make the journey back to Southampton. On the way back we confirmed details for two shoots happening the following day and conducted a debrief of the project we’d just completed. Back in Southampton it was time to unload and repack kit ready for the two shoots happening the next day.

Filming industrial cleaning machines

Thursday – 7th May

After a night of recharging our batteries, we were up early for two separate shoots. Paul and his team were tasked with filming a customer testimonial in Chichester while I returned to one of our regular customer’s sites to film another handful of training videos for them.

After both of our shoots finished Paul dropped off his footage for me to edit. Our client needed to review the final video that evening as it was to be featured in a key sales presentation the next day. While it was a very short turnaround we were still able to deliver a high impact presentation video with additional motion graphics and voiceover. (Screenshot below.)

Taylor Made

Friday – 8th May

After a hectic week it was, in theory, time to take things a little slower. My day started with the delivery of a media training presentation followed by a trip up to Basingstoke to meet with an event company to discuss their long term video strategy. Later that afternoon it was time for myself and Paul to drive into the depths of Salisbury to film a charity fundraiser event to raise money for the Romsey Warhorse memorial project that Paul has been working on for some time. The dinner seemed to be a huge success and we were able to capture the atmosphere on camera before heading back home to get some much needed rest.


As you can see we’ve had a pretty crazy week, but the truth is that this past week has been no different to any other. While the projects change our attitude stays the same, and we like to think that’s why our customers enjoy working with us. If you’d like to work with a video production company who can take whatever you throw at us and still deliver a great video, I strongly urge you to get in touch.

Want more information?

Hopefully you’ve found our content useful. If you have any questions about it, or if you’d like to talk about anything else related to video production, then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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