Our Purpose

We believe that communication should be clear, concise and engaging. Importantly, it should also look good. When we communicate effectively our ideas get shared, and good ideas make the world better.

Our Values

Transparency, Honesty & Integrity

We believe that businesses live and die by their transparency, honesty and integrity, and these values underpin every aspect of how we run our business. For example, every client receives and pays the same rates, we refuse to engage in paid referral systems (aka bribery), and we always prioritise long-term wins over short-term gains. There is no other way for our business to work.

100% Client Commitment

As a service business, everything we do is for our clients and customers, and we’re grateful for every day that they enable us to run a happy, successful company. In practical terms, this means that we’re responsive, friendly and fast with every service we offer, and we always aim to exceed expectations. In fact, we always do.

The Customer Is Always Wrong

Our customers are experts – but not at making videos. That’s why they hire us. Our clients need and value our input to make the best possible product, and we believe that simply “going along with it” because the client said so is nothing short of a disservice. When you work with Southpoint Films you’re not just working with doers, you’re working with thinkers who’ll do everything in their power to push your project (and business) to the next level.

Grounded By Fairness

Our business is grounded by the principle of fairness. We ask ourselves “is this fair?” If the answer is no, we don’t do it. Not only does this influence how we work with customers, but it also guides how we treat the wider world. As an example, unlike other companies in the creative industry, we refuse to farm out client work to students under the guise of “work experience.”

We Believe In Partnerships

We don’t believe in working for our customers, we believe in working with them. We can only grow our business by helping our clients grow theirs, so we approach every project from the perspective that we’ll be working with them on the next one too. And the one after that. And the one after that as well.

Totally Corporate

We make videos for businesses and organisations. We don’t film weddings, music videos or short films on the side, nor is corporate video a stop-gap for us while we wait for our next broadcast gig. Our passion is helping businesses and organisations use video for commercial benefit, and that’s what we do.

Our Team

The experts when it comes to creative video production

Headshot of Rowan Johnson, Managing Director of Southpoint Films Ltd

Rowan Johnson

Managing Director

Hazel Priest

Hazel Priest

Senior Video Producer

Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson

Production Coordinator

Georgina Walker-Ralph

Georgina Walker-Ralph

Business Development Manager

Our Team a the National Oceanography Centre

Everyone Else

Our Freelance Team

Our Updates

Blog posts and other resources that share insight into our company.

Southpoint Films Ltd

Southpoint Films Ltd is a limited company registered in England & Wales.

Company No. 8705276.
VAT No. GB173162911.
Registered Offices: 61 – 65 High Street, Totton, Southampton, SO40 9HL, United Kingdom

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