Why use video?

Running a marketing agency is hard work. It requires knowledge of so many different disciplines, from web design to SEO, to social media management and PR. Your agency might be ticking along nicely without video. Or you might be so overwhelmed by your ever-growing list of client services that you don’t want to add something new. But the simple fact is, video works wonders for marketing.

According to Hubspot’s recent “State of Video” report, video increases all key metrics, including traffic, engagement and sales. On top of that, 87% of marketers report that video gives them good ROI.

We’ve seen it for ourselves. Our agency clients have seen many great successes thanks to video. In the words of Ed Gould, Creative Director of Carswell Gould, a Southampton-based marketing agency:

“Over the past few years, the campaigns and the clients we’ve been working on which have done the best business and won the most awards, happened to have included video content by Southpoint Films.”

Rowan from Southpoint Films working on a shoot with a client

Make your clients look amazing with no up-front investment

When you run an agency with a diverse range of services, the last thing you need is the additional ongoing capital and payroll expenditure that comes from producing videos in-house. Especially if you want to produce content at a quality that reflects the rest of the output from your agency. After all, your clients come to you because they don’t want a DIY job.

By working with Southpoint Films, you can bring high quality video to your clients from day one, with no up-front investment.

We have an experienced production team, professional equipment, and all of the back-office operational expertise to make every video project a success, first time. We promise that our videos will make your agency look like the creative superheroes you are.

Tap into industry-leading video production talent

When choosing a video production partner, you need one that can handle anything the client or project throws your way.

This is where our team at Southpoint Films excels. We work with a mixture of agencies and direct customers. As a result, we can handle every aspect of a video project.

We can liaise with your client directly and devise a creative strategy for their video content. Taking a project from ideation to completion is no sweat.

Equally, we’re more than happy being technical partners who’ll work to a detailed creative brief devised by your agency. We’re more than happy working behind the scenes, white label, to deliver a project exactly as your creative team intended.

For some agencies, we find ourselves working as a plug-in resource, offering piecemeal services that compliment the agency’s in-house capabilities. For example, filming high quality material on location that’s handed to an in-house editor.

2023 Southpoint Films Team Photo

Why agencies love working with us

Flexibility – We’re available as a technical resource to deliver to a creative brief. Or we can provide creative services where we drive the project from ideation.

Integrity – We’re far more interested in building our relationship with your agency than trying to build independent relationships with your clients.

Specialists – We know video inside out. We can support agencies with scoping projects, and offer advice on best practice when it comes to strategy and distribution.

Affordable – Our prices are reasonable. Most agencies can charge a markup to cover their time and costs while remaining competitive, making video projects profitable.

White Label – We usually wear our Southpoint crew shirts loud and proud. However, we’re happy to work on a white label basis. We’ll even wear your agency or client’s branded shirts.

Collaboration – We love working collaboratively with agencies. From coming up with creative ideas together, to working on mutual campaign assets like graphics. We work as one team.

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