Testimonial from Aspira Consulting

1st September 2014 | Posted in News

I would certainly recommend anyone to use Southpoint Films for their marketing purposes. Not only are they very flexible in regards to dates, times and locations for filming but they are a real joy to work with. I’ve found that they have gone the extra mile in any situation for Aspira

– Alice Cox, Training and Development Co-Ordinator at Aspira

Who are Aspira?

Aspira is a privately owned, London based Consultancy that focuses on Strategy, Search and Training within the Financial sector. Alongside their consultancy business Aspira operates a unique training service, Aspira Training, which runs courses, seminars and other events for Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants in the London area. Event topics include confidence skills, appropriate dress for PAs, social media and marketing, and more.

For more information about Aspira and their business visit their website aspira-consulting.com.

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What Makes A Great PA?

Motivation & Confidence Building
Seminar Taster

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