Can You Use Video At Exhibitions?

22nd July 2015 | Posted in Resources

Can you use video at exhibitions?

The short answer is ‘Yes’! Business shows and exhibitions are an essential marketing tool for putting the name of your business out there and generating sales leads, especially when it comes to industry specific trade shows. It’s important to make your business stand out and a simple way of doing this is by using video.

Many businesses have promotional videos that they use on their websites and in sales presentations. If you’re working with a video production company such as Southpoint Films it doesn’t take too much (or cost too much) to have your nicely produced video re-edited for display at an exhibition or show. In many cases you may even be able to use the video you already have without modification, although it’s important that your key messages come across clearly at all points during the video so that passers by don’t miss the point, especially if you are unable to play sound in the venue or the venue is noisy.

We’ve worked with businesses of all kinds to create high impact videos for display use. In our video blog we use one of our clients, Industrial Cleaning Equipment (ICE), as an example of how they used video effectively at a trade show earlier in the year. It really did make an impression and visitors were consistently stopping to watch the video throughout the two show days. The video sparked conversations and showed off their new machines in action, which simply wouldn’t have been possible in the show environment otherwise.

If your business is due to exhibit at a trade show or business exhibition, we couldn’t recommend video enough. When we exhibit at smaller shows we alway bring a large television and show a selection of our work for people to view. It always gets people talking!

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