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Spotlight on Paul French
April, 2017 | Posted in Careers Advice, News

IOEE Spotlight on Southpoint Films’ Executive Producer Paul French

Paul French is an Executive Producer at Southpoint Films and a business mentor for local universities and the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme, as well as an IOEE Fellow. This month the IOEE shone the spotlight on him to find out how his mentoring career saw him transition into film production, and how forward-thinking is the…

November, 2016 | Posted in Careers Advice, Resources

Three years, three business lessons

In October 2013 I made a fairly bold move. Despite having only just turned 21, I quit my part time job in a retail store and decided to take my video production business full time. Iā€™d been freelancing regularly since I left university that May and decided it was time to give it my all…

March, 2016 | Posted in Careers Advice

From Station Manager To Managing Director

This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking to students at the University of Bath about my transition from being the Station Manager of a student TV station to the Managing Director of a video production company that now employs four staff and works on video projects where some have implications at an international scale….