May, 2018 | Posted in News

Privacy update and general housekeeping

With the incoming GDPR, we’ve taken a look at how we acquire, process and store data at Southpoint Films. In this short post we’ll explain the changes we’re making to comply with the new privacy laws which regulate data collected on all EU citizens, regardless of whether the company who acquires or processes the data is based in the EU.

Testimonial from Carswell Gould
February, 2018 | Posted in News

Testimonial from Carswell Gould (Video)

Following Carswell Gould’s recent award wins for campaigns featuring videos produced by Southpoint Films, we asked Ed Gould from Carswell Gould about why he continues to use Southpoint Films as a video production partner for his agency.

Video Strategy Thumbnail
January, 2018 | Posted in News, Resources

What is a Video Strategy?

Using video effectively requires creative, strategic implementation across an entire organisation. That’s why you need a video strategy.