June, 2017 | Posted in Resources

Top video marketing tips from Wistiafest 2017

Last week I had the pleasure of heading over to Boston, MA in the USA to attend Wistiafest, the annual conference hosted by Wistia. You’ll probably recognise the name as we use their platform for sharing and reviewing video projects that we’re working on.

What to wear on camera?
January, 2017 | Posted in Resources

What to wear on camera?

What should you wear when you appear on camera? In this video Rowan delivers some tips on what to wear on camera. This can impact everything from video and sound quality to whether you appear in the video at all.

January, 2017 | Posted in Resources

Understanding Video Resolutions

When working with a video production company, making a video yourself, or even just watching videos online, you may come across the concept of ‘Video Resolution’. Considering the date (this post was published in January), you may be thinking that video resolutions are like New Years resolutions… But no, I’m not going to be asking…

360° Video
December, 2016 | Posted in Resources

What is 360° Video?

A short video that explains what 360 video is and how it can be used within a business environment