What is 360° VR Video
September, 2018 | Posted in Resources

What is 360° VR Video?

Our thoughts on 360° VR video, how it impacts video production, and what some of the practical applications of this technology are

Where has live video gone?
June, 2018 | Posted in Resources

Where has live video gone?

We take a look at when you might want to consider live video and why certain approaches to live streaming haven’t been working

May, 2018 | Posted in Resources

Putting Video In Your Email

Traditionally, video and email have never worked well together. However, there are plenty of ways to get the most out of video in your email campaigns. Here’s how we do it.

How to appear natural on camera
February, 2018 | Posted in Resources

How To Appear Natural On Camera

Having issues with your confidence when appearing on camera? Check out our top tips for appearing natural when the lens is pointing your way

Video Strategy Thumbnail
January, 2018 | Posted in Resources

What is a Video Strategy?

Using video effectively requires creative, strategic implementation across an entire organisation. That’s why you need a video strategy.