What to wear on camera?
January, 2017 | Posted in Resources

What to wear on camera?

What should you wear when you appear on camera? In this video Rowan delivers some tips on what to wear on camera. This can impact everything from video and sound quality to whether you appear in the video at all.

January, 2017 | Posted in Resources

Understanding Video Resolutions

When working with a video production company, making a video yourself, or even just watching videos online, you may come across the concept of ‘Video Resolution’. Considering the date (this post was published in January), you may be thinking that video resolutions are like New Years resolutions… But no, I’m not going to be asking…

December, 2016 | Posted in Resources

The benefits of using video at trade exhibitions

In a world dominated by websites, social media and search engines like Google, trade visitors no longer go to exhibitions with a Purchase Order pad in their pocket. Nor do they necessarily look to buy anything while they are there.

February, 2016 | Posted in Resources

Choosing A Thumbnail For Your Video

Choosing a thumbnail is like choosing an outfit. You need to make sure that it matches the occasion. Find out what you should be thinking about in this video blog.