October, 2017 | Posted in Resources

How to deliver an engaging presentation at a conference or event

How many times have you sat in a presentation where the topic is exactly what you want to hear about, but around half way through you’ve hung a DNR notice around your neck and drifted off to sleep? (Or simply jumped on to Social Media?) Over the past four years, the team at Southpoint Films…

June, 2017 | Posted in Resources

Top video marketing tips from Wistiafest 2017

Last week I had the pleasure of heading over to Boston, MA in the USA to attend Wistiafest, the annual conference hosted by Wistia. You’ll probably recognise the name as we use their platform for sharing and reviewing video projects that we’re working on.

When should you use on-screen text in your video?
March, 2017 | Posted in Resources

When should you use on-screen text in your video?

Very often we╩╝ll work with clients who want to include on-screen text within their videos to show off statistics, product features and other information while the video is being watched. But how much is too much?