Discussing voice-overs with Tom Gibson from Blackhill Studios

1st March 2019 | Posted in Resources

Last month we recorded a testimonial with Blackhill Studios about their experience working with Southpoint Films on a series of a promotional videos for their studio.

After we wrapped our shoot, I sat down with studio owner Tom Gibson to discuss voice-overs, which are an essential part of the audio aspect of corporate video production.

In this short interview, Tom shares advice on how to look after your voice to help you survive a VO recording session (even if you’re not a professional voice-over artist), how to prepare for a voice-over session, and what the benefits are of recording in a professional studio as opposed to recording something quickly on your phone or laptop.

Check out the interview above to learn everything you need to know about voice-overs. We hope you find it useful!

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about Tom and his studio head to blackhillstudios.co.uk – they’re primarily a music recording studio and they’re awesome, but we (and others) will often turn to them for voice-overs when we can’t do them ourselves.

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