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Since 2013, we’ve been working with event organisers like you to deliver affordable, high quality video. From highlights videos, to full event recordings, live streams, and outside broadcasts. You’re in safe hands with Southpoint Films.

Our mission is to make your event look amazing. Whether we’re contributing to your attendees having the weekend of their lives, or producing a corporate hybrid event that keeps delegates engaged and informed.

When it comes to live productions, we’ve done it all. From large UK festivals and concerts to large corporate events for organisations like the NHS, Innovate UK and Southern Co-op.

A camera operator is stood on a large stage filming a band.

What we can do for your event

Event Highlights Videos

Nothing captures the buzz and atmosphere of an event like a professional highlights video. Highlights videos are extremely valuable for promoting future events, which generates more interest and ticket sales when your event comes around again.

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Rowan from Southpoint Films filming a highlights video for the Modus Super Series darts in Porsmouth
Two cameras recording a stock trader conference in London for a training course

Presentation Recordings

Conferences and seminars are an excellent platform for sharing knowledge. But if your event has an audience that spans beyond the physical venue, a full recording of the presentations is essential. For commercial events, the recordings can even be packaged up and sold to generate additional income.

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Live Streaming

With a live stream, your online audience can watch your event in realtime no matter where they are in the world. There are so many advantages to live streaming your event – from social benefits like EDI and environmental benefits, to the potential commercial benefits of monetising an online audience.

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A control room with multiple monitors showing graphics for an "ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING". One screen displays a welcoming message from Mark Ralf, Chair. Equipment includes computers, broadcasting gear, and a pair of headphones. The setup suggests a live event or webcast.
Two computers are running webinar software for producing a virtual event

Virtual Events

Virtual conferences and webinars have never been more popular. With our virtual event service, we use professional broadcasting software to run slick and polished virtual events. You won’t hear “you’re on mute” here.

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Hybrid Events

Hybrid events use live streaming technology to bridge two separate audiences together in realtime. Typically, this will enable a bidirectional link between an online audience and a venue. We’ve also run hybrid events to connect two different physical venues with a two-way link, as well as streaming the full event online.

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Rowan and Bradley from Southpoint Films work at computers and mixing desks to produce a hybrid event.
A camera operator films a music festival stage for Southpoint Films

Outside Broadcast & Image Magnification

For bigger events, we can provide a mixed multi-camera and graphics feed to LED screens and projectors. Our broadcasting setup is suitable for indoor and outdoor events – which makes it ideal for all kinds of festivals, concerts and conferences.

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Some of our recent work

Why choose Southpoint Films?

Market Leading Technology

We use the latest video production technology for our market. From software vision mixing to the latest streaming hardware. We’ve even been featured by Canon in a case study for our use of their robotic cameras in some of our event productions!

Absolute Professionalism

We won’t deny that we find many of the events we cover exciting and fun. But at the end of the day, we’re there to work. We conduct ourselves with absolute professionalism at all times.

Collaborative Approach

Every event requires collaboration between a number of different teams and stakeholders. From audio, to lighting, to rigging and staging, to the security, welfare and event management teams. We’re always open to supporting our colleagues on site to ensure the show is the best it can be. No grumpy A/V people here.

Any event, anywhere in the world

All of our equipment is designed to “fly away”, making it easy to transport. Whether you’re looking for video support at an event in Southampton, Gloucester, Toronto or Panama, we can help. We’ll find an economical video solution, managed and directed by our team.

Innovative Production

We love a challenge, and we always come through. No matter what your requirements are, we’ll find a way to make it happen. To date, the most ambitious event we’ve worked on involved a successful live link with a research vessel in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and a research station in Antarctica. Think you can beat that? Let’s talk!

Safety Focussed

Everything we do is underpinned by our commitment to keeping our crew and those around us safe while we’re working on site. Nothing ruins the moment like an accident.

See what our customers say

The PM Channel’s relationship to Southpoint Films, in my view, is central to our success, and I say that after a longstanding relationship of over three years with the company and 700 videos produced by them. I’ve seen their timeliness and the quality of their work, and I’ve seen the quality and flexibility of their work, and my view in business terms is that I would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Dr Andrew Delo, Founder of the PM Channel and Managing Director of Provek

We recently ran an event and engaged Southpoint Films to create both a record of the presentations and also a video to help us promote future events. Rowan came along to perform the filming and was a pleasure to work with. He also helped us to get some great attendee and organiser interviews for the promo video, capturing far more relaxed and natural responses than we would have achieved without him. The finished videos have a very professional feel and we're always proud to show them off. I would have no hesitation in recommending Southpoint Films.

Andy Culmer, Engineering Director at I.T. Dev

Southpoint Films have produced a number of short videos for us highlighting the work of The Careers & Enterprise Company and the activities of the Enterprise Adviser Network across England. The videos have been varied in nature ranging from speed networking events, skills fairs, activities in schools and businesses and The Careers & Enterprise Company events and meetings, large and small. In all cases we have been extremely pleased with the results and found Rowan and the team flexible and easy to work with.

Jan Pinkerton, Enterprise Adviser Network Lead at The Careers & Enterprise Company

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