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Event Coverage
Bespoke Video Production Services

At Southpoint Films we pride ourselves on our professional approach to event video production.

From affordable single camera solutions to large scale multi-camera live broadcasts, our focus is on providing a high quality video solution that captures your event’s key moments, maximises the filming potential, and delivers promptly, all while offering you exceptional value for money.

Event Coverage Showcase

Our approach to Event Coverage

What do conferences, seminars, award ceremonies, live music concerts, product launches and charity functions have in common? We’ve filmed them all!

What do we do?

We provide comprehensive video solutions for any scale of event in any location, anywhere in the world. We’ve covered events in Portsmouth, Panama and everywhere in between. Our team are professional and discreet in getting exceptional footage that will capture every aspect of the event, from the atmosphere and buzz to the key messages and learning points.

Whether you’re looking for videos of full keynote speeches, a highlights reel of the day, or even audio-visual, outside broadcasting and online live streaming services, we’ve got you covered. With over 10,000 hours of event filming experience under our belts, we can guarantee that we have a solution to suit your needs

Why choose Southpoint Films?

With a focus on fast turnarounds, we aim to be as flexible as possible throughout the production process to meet your needs. On average, most conference event organisers that we work with have a full set of keynote videos available for release within a week of the event, if not sooner. When combined with our live broadcasting services the results can be instantaneous.

What does it cost?

Professional video doesn’t have to be expensive. Take a look at our pricing page to get an idea of what our services cost.

Our Techniques

Southpoint Live

Live Video Streaming

Our online live video streaming service is designed to help event organisers expand the reach of their events and training seminars, as well as generate additional income through content monetisation, all without the need for the costs involved with scaling their event, such as hiring larger venues or ordering more catering.

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Event A/V Services

When booked with our standard video production services, we can supply light audio visual services for corporate events, such as conferences and lectures.

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Customer Testimonials

Bring your client testimonials to life with video and let your biggest fans tell the world just how good you are.

Want to see a video testimonial in action? Check out this glowing review for our own services. If this doesn’t convince you, nothing will!

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Time-Lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography is an excellent technique for showing long processes in a fast and engaging way. We’ve used time-lapses to show everything from multi-month construction projects to ‘day in the life’ summaries of customer offices. Thanks to our variety of time-lapse setups, we’re able to produce time-lapses that form the basis of your video or simply compliment a bigger piece.

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Aerial Videography

Aerial videography can add creative impact to any video project with an outdoor element. Whether you require a high impact establishing shot of a location or point of interest, footage of large scale work being carried out in an outdoor environment, or high resolution video surveying of your sites or structures, our team can help.

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Many styles of video use interviews. Interviews are a staple of the video production process.

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Customer testimonials

The PM Channel’s relationship to Southpoint Films, in my view, is central to our success. … And I say that after a longstanding relationship of over three years with the company and 700 videos produced by them. I’ve seen their timeliness and the quality of their work, and I’ve seen the quality and flexibility of their work, and my view in business terms is that I would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Dr Andrew Delo, Founder of the PM Channel and Managing Director of Provek

The comments we’ve had from our videos are fantastic. People love the idea of being able to see what the event was like and actually see things from the show that they might have missed. Then when they’re planning on coming in the future they get to see what the show was like beforehand.

Matthew Larcome, Managing Director of Memo Events
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Take your event to the next level

Southpoint Live is our online video streaming service that’s designed to help event organisers expand the reach of their events and training seminars, as well as generate additional income through content monetisation, all without the need for the costs involved with scaling their event.

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