At our offices

Conveniently located next to Totton railway station, which is 5 minutes from Southampton Central, and has trains to and from London Waterloo.

Interior of a video production studio showing a black office chair in the center. The background includes several backdrops on a rolling system, with green, white and black backdrops visible. Professional lighting equipment is positioned around the room, casting a soft glow on the surfaces.


Our studio in Southampton is perfect for recording pieces to camera, interviews and training films.

It’s fitted with a roller backdrop system, sound-proofing, and wired ethernet for live and remote productions. We also have teleprompter systems to assist with delivering scripted content.

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Voice-Over Booth

Bring your own voice to our in-house voice-over booth and narrate your next video.

Our VO booth is fitted with sound-proofing to keep unwanted noises out, and is equipped with a RØDE condenser microphone for capturing high quality voice recordings.

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A woman stands in our voice-over booth, smiling while reading from a tablet computer. The booth is lined with black acoustic foam to dampen sound. A professional microphone with a pop filter is positioned in front of her, suggesting a recording session in progress.
A person sitting at a desk is focused on video editing on a computer monitor, with the "southpoint films" logo displayed on a screen mounted on the wall above. The office has a casual feel, indicated by a bulletin board adorned with photos and memorabilia, a speaker to the right, and various items atop a cabinet. The individual is wearing a shirt with "southpoint films" on the back, suggesting a creative or production work environment.

Edit Suite

Take a look at our edit suite, which is fitted with high-end video and audio processing equipment. It’s where our production team edit our fantastic videos.

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Portable Solutions

Our solutions for productions which take place on location.

An outdoor setting at a commercial area with a blue pickup truck hitched to a white trailer on the left. The truck's driver-side door is open with a step ladder beside it. In the background are industrial buildings with blue doors and signage. Overhead, power lines stretch across a cloudy sky.

Outside Broadcast Trailer

Our outside broadcast trailer is purpose-built for producing live video at music festivals and outdoor events. It provides a mobile gallery and production workspace. With its small footprint, it’s ideal for busy backstage areas and OB villages.

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Our Equipment

We have an entire storeroom (and more!) dedicated to housing our portable video production equipment. From cameras to microphones, lights to tripods, audio mixers to live streaming gear. We have it all. Find out about the types of equipment we have available for your projects.

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Interior of a well-organized equipment room at Southpoint Films, featuring shelving units filled with various sized storage boxes and professional gear. A workstation is set up by the window, beside a whiteboard with markings. Various bags and protective cases are placed throughout the room, suggesting an array of multimedia equipment storage.