How To Wear A Lapel Microphone

8th February 2015 | Posted in Resources

How to wear a lapel microphone

When filming interviews it’s common for us to use a lapel microphone to capture sound. However, these nifty little microphones can be tricky to put on. In this short video Southpoint Films Director Rowan Johnson tells you how to wear a lapel microphone.

What’s a lapel microphone?

A lapel microphone is a small microphone that can be attached to a person to capture their voice, most often to their lapel – hence the name! The benefit of this type of microphone is that lapel mics are discreet and can be used hands-free. They often come with small clips that allow them to be attached to clothing, although their small size allows them to be attached with tape too. The flexibility gained with these microphones is ideal for interviews as well as events such as conferences as they allow speakers to move freely whilst still being heard. This is mostly due to the fact that many lapel microphones are attached to wireless transmitters, often resulting in them to being called ‘wireless mics’. They can also be referred to as lavalier, clip or tie microphones.

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