Introducing our new “Hourly” pricing tier

8th November 2017 | Posted in News

Over the past four years Southpoint Films has built a reputation of providing high quality video production services at an affordable price. Our mission is to help businesses and organisations use video effectively within their broader marketing and communications strategies, and we’ve been successfully able to do this for well over one hundred different companies ranging from small startups to giant multinational corporations.

One of the things our customers love about working with us is that we have a very capable yet flexible way of working. Thanks to our comprehensive range of techniques and services there’s very little that we can’t help with when it comes to video production…. and beyond; we’ve also helped clients with photography assignments, digital marketing analyses, and even sourcing voice-overs for telephone systems!

While almost all of the customers we work with understand the value of paying for professional services, it’s become clear to us that the primary reason we lose projects is due to price. I don’t mean to say that our services are expensive – they aren’t – but that sometimes there just isn’t budget available, particularly for smaller projects where we may only be needed for an hour or two. As a result, these prospective clients end up using cheaper production companies or  students who have less experience, amateur equipment, and provide well under half the service that they would have received if they’d had budget for us.

Until now we’ve kept our pricing simple with full day and half day rates; the half day rate being a small discount to acknowledge the reduced amount of time needed. This has worked well for both us and our customers. We’ve been able to build a sustainable business and have continued to invest in new equipment, premises, services and our team. From our customers’ perspective our rates are clear, transparent and easy to understand. They’re also fair too as our schedule of rates is fixed. We don’t change our prices based on who we’re talking to or pull them out of thin air for each enquiry.

The good news is that our full day and half day rates aren’t changing, just as they haven’t done since we started trading in 2013. The extra good news is that we’re introducing a new hourly tier for selected services to help with those smaller projects where budget is tight. As of today, we now have hourly rates for Pre-Production, Filming, Technical Editing and Creative Editing. The result is that a simple testimonial or event highlights video could now cost as little as £350, whereas previously a budget of £600 or more would have been needed. Our new hourly pricing also gives us flexibility for longer term projects such as construction projects where filming may need to take place on a regular basis but only for an hour or two at a time.

While most companies would find themselves reducing the quality of their services to offer lower prices, we’ve been able to introduce this new tier thanks to our relentless commitment to increasing our resources, developing scalable processes and building a video production team that meets our high standards of output. Now, instead of giving your next small project to a lesser production team, you can still work with us here at Southpoint Films at a price that fits within your budget.

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