Visit our new Southampton Voice-Over Booth

17th May 2017 | Posted in News

Following high demand from clients, it is with great pleasure that we take the wraps off our new Voice-Over booth, located at our studio in Totton, Southampton. The booth, which sits in the corner of our existing studio space, is fitted with sound deadening tiles to help us capture clean, professional audio recordings for a wide variety of video types.

The main benefit of bringing voice-over recording facilities in-house is that both audio and video production can be carried out in one place, allowing us to offer blended video and audio production services and maximising the time we have available for each project.

While many projects will still benefit from the contributions of a professional voice-over artist, there are some types of video where having a member of staff read the lines is just as satisfactory, such as for training videos. Our new facility is perfect for these types of video projects and provides a far more affordable alternative to outsourcing.

To book in for your next project, please submit your brief through our website.

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