Introducing Vimsy, the video management system

2nd July 2016 | Posted in News

It’s not hard to see that video production companies are on their way out. With cameras continually getting better and cheaper, and AI-based video editing becoming a closer reality every day, we will eventually reach a point where a company like Southpoint Films isn’t required in order to create suitably professional video content for your business.

But when this inevitable future arrives, where are you going to put your content? In fact, where are you going to put your content today when your business fully embraces a video-inclusive communications strategy, professionally produced or otherwise?

Over the past three years we’ve been working with an increasing number of customers who are developing a large portfolio of videos. Training videos, event recordings, and promotional material. All of this content needs managing.

At the moment your best option is to stick it all on Youtube or Vimeo and hope that your customers don’t get lost in the depths of cat videos and user interfaces designed to take your audience away from your content. The alternative is that you could invest in building your videos into your website, which is a costly and time-involved process.

Looking at these two trends (technology and customer behaviour), we decided to take a hard look at the longterm picture of how video will be used within businesses and beyond. The result is Vimsy.

Vimsy is an online video management system, designed to organise, distribute and monetise your video content. It’s designed for businesses and organisations who have a growing library of training, event or other videos that need to be shared with customers, staff or groups of people. You can see a demo here.

Vimsy is also an e-commerce platform. You can sell your video content through it, giving you an additional source of income. This is great for trainers who want to sell a video course, as well as for content producers within a special interest group who want to sell content around a specific topic.

This worked well for our very own Paul French who has used Vimsy to sell his self-produced documentary series about the Romsey War Horse memorial sculpture. Instead of burning DVDs, Paul was able to host his content on Vimsy and sell it with ease.

The scope of Vimsy cannot be summarised within a single blog post. We’ve put together an FAQ page which covers some of the finer details of how it works.

Vimsy has been built by video professionals for people who want to use video professionally. Currently in private beta, if you’re interested in exploring how Vimsy can work for your business please reach out to us. We’d love to know how it can help you, and to help you to make it work for your business.

Rowan Johnson

Managing Director of Southpoint Films Ltd,
and (now) CEO & Founder of Vimsy Ltd

Currently Vimsy is available to a limited number of businesses within a managed beta environment. A full, public beta of Vimsy will be available later this year. Members of the public will be able to create their own Vimsy channel, add their video content and manage it with ease.

If your business could take advantage of Vimsy right now I would be keen to hear from you. I’m also keen to meet people with experience in building SaaS businesses who may be able to offer advice and support, or help us develop key partnerships for growing our platform.

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