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London Video Production
Bespoke Video Production Services

Southpoint Films is a creative video production company that provides London businesses with high quality videos at a fraction of the cost that many other local companies demand

Our excellent range of services allow us to produce promotional videosevent videos, training filmscase studies, and even online live streams of conferences and events. Our mission is to make it easy for your business or organisation to utilise video effectively.

By operating primarily from our head office in Southampton, we’re able to offer both filming and post-production rates that most London-based companies simply cannot compete with while also providing a service that not just matches but excels what they can offer.

High quality London video production services at unbeatable prices

At Southpoint Films we pride ourselves on providing an impressive range of video production services at an affordable price. For London based customers, our biggest advantage is that our main office is located outside of the capital, keeping all of our pre and post-production services down at prices that London based video production companies simply can’t compete with – all without compromising on quality.

With the M3 motorway and a great rail link connecting Southampton with the capital, getting up and down in a day is a breeze. This makes it easy for our crew to travel up for filming sessions and allows London based customers to take advantage of our Southampton-based services, such as our studio, at no additional cost other than the journey itself.

No matter what requirements you have, our team is able to handle them effectively and affordably. Our mission is to create videos that not only convey our clients’ key messages but also have enough creative flair that viewers remain engaged throughout, regardless of whether the video lasts 2 minutes or 20 minutes. And at a price that you can’t get locally.

Aerial Videography and Photography

Aerial videography can add creative impact to any video project with an outdoor element. Whether you require a high impact establishing shot of a location or point of interest, footage of large scale work being carried out in an outdoor environment, or high resolution video surveying of your sites or structures, our team can help.

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Green Screen

Superimpose people and objects into scenes that may be difficult or impossible to film in reality. Our permanent and portable green screen studio solutions allow us unparalleled flexibility.

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Many styles of video use interviews. Interviews are a staple of the video production process.

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Animation and motion graphics can be an effective technique within many styles of video. They can be the primary storytelling tool or can supplement live action video.

At Southpoint Films we work with a team of professional animators who can bring your ideas to life. On screen motion graphics are ideal for displaying text, data or computer based information, demonstrating abstract ideas, or illustrating something that may be too expensive or impractical to show through filmed video. With 2D and 3D animation, the only limit is your imagination – and your budget!

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Studio Services

Our studio, located at our offices in Totton, Southampton, has been created as an ideal space for videos that require a quiet, controlled environment for filming. Three blacked out walls allow us to control the light in the studio, giving the best results when filming people and objects. A fourth, green wall allows us to use the studio as a functional green screen with minimum set up and fuss.

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Customer Testimonials

Bring your client testimonials to life with video and let your biggest fans tell the world just how good you are.

Want to see a video testimonial in action? Check out this glowing review for our own services. If this doesn’t convince you, nothing will!

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Time-Lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography is an excellent technique for showing long processes in a fast and engaging way. We’ve used time-lapses to show everything from multi-month construction projects to ‘day in the life’ summaries of customer offices. Thanks to our variety of time-lapse setups, we’re able to produce time-lapses that form the basis of your video or simply compliment a bigger piece.

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Have your video narrated by a professional voiceover artist of any gender, age or accent. We outsource our voice-over artists to meet your requirements, ensuring that we use the most suitable voice for your project.

Need your video dubbed into another language? That’s no problem either. We’ve worked with Spanish, French, Portuguese and even Arabic language content without any trouble.

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Recent London video production projects

What our London customers have to say

We have worked with Rowan over the last 18 months and always found him to be responsive and incredibly helpful. Southpoint Films have produced a number of short videos for us highlighting the work of The Careers & Enterprise Company and the activities of the Enterprise Adviser Network across England. The videos have been varied in nature ranging from speed networking events, skills fairs, activities in schools and businesses and The Careers & Enterprise Company events and meetings, large and small. In all cases we have been extremely pleased with the results and found Rowan and the team flexible and easy to work with.

Jan Pinkerton, Enterprise Adviser Network Lead at The Careers & Enterprise Company

The PM Channel’s relationship to Southpoint Films, in my view, is central to our success. … And I say that after a longstanding relationship of over three years with the company and 700 videos produced by them. I’ve seen their timeliness and the quality of their work, and I’ve seen the quality and flexibility of their work, and my view in business terms is that I would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Dr Andrew Delo, Founder of the PM Channel and Managing Director of Provek

I would certainly recommend anyone to use Southpoint Films for their marketing purposes. Not only are they very flexible in regards to dates, times and locations for filming but they are a real joy to work with. I’ve found that they have gone the extra mile in any situation for Aspira

Alice Cox, Training and Development Co-Ordinator at Aspira Consulting

We love working with businesses in London

London is the undisputed centre of business and innovation in the UK. For companies in London who are looking to use video to grow and develop their business, working with Southpoint Films is a no-brainer. Extremely affordable professional video production services that don’t compromise on quality – what more could you ask for?

Ready to get going with your next video project? Send us an outline of your needs and we’ll get a quote to you within 24 hours or less.

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