Privacy Update And General Housekeeping

11th May 2018 No comments
Rowan Johnson, Managing Director of Southpoint Films

With the incoming GDPR, we’ve taken a look at how we acquire, process and store data at Southpoint Films. We also have a few general bits of housekeeping to share, which will be included here too.

1. New Privacy Policy

We’ve written our very first Privacy Policy that covers our activities at Southpoint Films. We might need to tweak it as the realities of GDPR become clear, but for now it lays out the data we collect, how we collect it, and what we do with it when we have it. In addition to two fairly standard website and customer data disclosures, our new Privacy Policy outlines how we approach the data we collect while filming (videos and images), and explains how long we keep this data for.

Although we’ve never written up our privacy policy before, we’ve always had to comply with fairly strict data protection and privacy laws regarding video and photo activity in the UK, so it doesn’t feel like we’ve had to change too much from an internal policy perspective other than providing clarity on how individuals can go about having the data that’s been collected about them removed from our systems.

2. Moving to Vimsy for project review


This section references Vimsy, an online platform that we built for managing online video content. It was released to the public in September 2016 and closed in April 2020.

If you’re curious, you can learn more here.

We’re making a change to how we review in-progress projects with our customers. This is partly GDPR related with respect to controlling how many third parties we give customer data to, and partly because we want to demonstrate our own platform to our customers.

Until now we have been using Wistia to review client videos. For projects that are currently in progress, this system will still be accessible at the usual Wistia URL until your project is finished and you’ve had a chance to download your videos. After this point your details will be removed from our Wistia account and you will on longer be able to log in.

For all new projects, client review has been moved to our new Vimsy-powered review system which can be found by clicking “login” at the top of any page on the Southpoint Films website. (You might need to scroll to the top to see it.)

Note: some clients may have their own dedicated Vimsy channel for reviewing. You can log in to our review channel and use the Menu in the top right to select your own channel from the list.

While the functionality of the new system won’t change anything for our customers in terms of functionality, we look forward to showing you a practical application of our Vimsy product!

3. One Editing rate to rule them all

A couple of years ago we split our editing services into two categories; Creative Editing and Technical Editing. The logic was that some tasks, such as cutting down a conference talk, are more technical than they are creative and we should charge less for them. Technical editing was designed for projects where there was a clear right or wrong with how the edit was made, whereas creative editing was for projects where we found ourselves injecting our own style and creativity into the project to tell a story and make the video hit the right notes.

Recently, however, the line has become blurred with regards to what would be considered “technical” and what we consider “creative”. Previously the distinction was made by the type of camera we would use for filming the project (either “broadcast” style cameras or “cinema” style cameras) but, as we move to 4K, we’re finding that we’re not making the same distinction anymore, and that we’re using higher quality “cinema” cameras more often for projects across the board. This has resulted in changes to some of our workflows, requiring a higher calibre of editing across all projects.

Additionally, new equipment such as our 360° cameras require very little creativity in the edit but require a higher level of technical knowledge than we would have considered reasonable under our Technical Editing rate, making it difficult for us at the quoting stage to identify which editing rate to charge. The line between technical and creative video production has blurred.

From today we’re dropping the lower priced Technical Editing rate and renaming Creative Editing to just “Editing”. Projects that have been quoted with Technical Editing will still be honoured but, going forward, all new projects will be quoted and billed at the new Editing rate only. While this will result in a slight increase in what we bill for some projects, the good news is that our newer workflows are generally faster and more accurate for tasks that were previously considered “Technical”, allowing us to provide a higher quality result in a shorter amount of time – hopefully resulting in cost savings for some clients.

We look forward to using new technology, such as 8K 360° VR cameras, drones and our 4K cameras with all of our customers in due course.

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