Wrapping Up 2023 – Our Standout Projects

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A live concert scene viewed from the side of the stage, showing a performer in mid-motion on stage, with the audience in the background. Stage lights cast bright spots across the scene. In the foreground, a professional video camera on a tripod is focused on the performer, with the camera's monitor displaying a live feed of the performance. The environment suggests an outdoor festival during dusk or early evening.

As we wave goodbye to yet another incredible year, it’s that time again to rewind and celebrate some of our standout projects that have made 2023 a year to remember!

From a year full of live streaming and video projects, to being awarded a certificate of recognition from Solent University for our continued work in providing employment to students, we’ve had an absolutely brilliant year. That’s without even mentioning that Southpoint Films hit the big 1-0 birthday on November 1st! And, to top it all off, we just got back from 8 days onboard a cruise ship in the Canaries, where we were filming safety videos for TUI’s Marella Cruises! Phew, no wonder we’re ready for a little break over the holidays!

So, why not kick back, grab your favourite drink, and join us whilst we take a look at the standout projects that made our 2023!


Our Summer of Festivals

 A camera's digital monitor labeled "CAMERA 1" shows a live feed of a drum set on a stage, bathed in dramatic lighting and stage fog. The viewpoint is from behind the camera, capturing part of the equipment and the broader stage setting, which includes colorful lighting effects. The scene suggests a music concert setting, with the focus on the drummer's area during a performance or sound check.

It may be hard to remember those sunny days now that we’re in December, but we had an absolute blast this summer. For us, it was full of epic music festivals, where we provided camera feeds for LED screens.

We enjoyed a weekend of genre-specific festivals at Brockwell Park in May. We provided camera crews for two main stages at Boomtown, one of the UK’s largest festivals. And we also had fun at family festivals Lakefest and In It Together. Our lenses were fixed on incredible artists such as UB40, Cypress Hill, McFly and Leftfield, as well as all of the other acts on each main stage line-up.

It’s been an absolute joy to have been invited to supply cameras at more festivals this year, and we can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store. If you’ve got an outdoor event coming up and are looking for a professional, hard-working camera team, let us know!


National Theatre’s ‘Ocean at the End of the Lane’ Event Video

On a computer screen, video editing software is open with a timeline visible. An interview subject, a man with curly hair wearing glasses and a black shirt, is in focus on the preview monitor. The background of the video features a stylised, blue-hued image of a figure standing in a landscape, for a theatre production titled "Ocean at the End of the Lane". The setting suggests a post-production editing workflow for media content.

We had a lovely time earlier this year filming a special surprise at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton. During a tour of the National Theatre’s production of  ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’,  writer Neil Gaiman popped by to visit the cast and crew, to celebrate their 200th show. And we were there to capture it!

In addition to filming the moment of the surprise, we also filmed an interview with Neil about the tour. He was absolutely lovely!

To top it off, a few days later, our team attended the theatre to witness the show firsthand. We can say from experience that it’s just as mesmerising and thrilling as all the reviews say!


Agincare Tour Videos

A professional camera mounted on a tripod is set up for an interview. In the background, a woman with short blonde hair wearing a blue patterned blouse is seated, looking slightly to the side. The setting is an outdoor patio with a wooden table, chairs, and a parasol. A garden and a brick building can be seen in the background.

We were so excited to work on a nationwide project for Agincare which involved filming and photographing all of their care homes for individual promotional videos.

This was one of our biggest projects of the year, with our crew travelling all over the country.  We filmed homes in Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Derbyshire, Sussex, Kent and beyond. All of that travel required a lot of planning and organisation!

Additionally, Agincare also asked us to film an event highlights video for their staff awards ceremony ‘Agincare Heroes’ . Our team headed to the beautiful Cotswolds to capture the ceremony in full, film B-roll of the event, and record vox pops with some of the winners. Working with Agincare this year was truly a delight!


University of Southampton – “Books and Stories Online” Animations

Graphic of a cartoon dog standing in front of large letters that spell "READ DOG". The dog is brown with a happy expression, holding a blue book. The letters are filled with a faint pattern that appears to be bookshelves with books, suggesting a theme related to reading or a library. The overall design is playful and geared towards children or education.

We  worked on a really exciting e-learning animation project for the University of Southampton. The project involved creating a series of six animated lessons designed for primary school children to teach them the art of storytelling.

We worked with one of our brilliant animators to bring  two loveable characters to life; Read Dog and Neville the Novel. These characters were based on drawings from children at a local school, who came up with the character concepts. They were later voiced by two of our fantastic voice-over artists, Rachel and Matthew.

We love being part of projects that make learning fun and creative, and this project with Read Dog and Neville was no exception. Being able to take the children’s ideas and turn them into real, professionally animated characters was incredibly special, and we can’t wait to see how they’re received when the full programme is rolled out.


Bitterne Park School – Promotional Video

 A classroom scene where a group of students in uniforms are gathered around a chef demonstrating a cooking technique. In the foreground, a film crew from Southpoint Films is recording the session. One crew member is holding a microphone boom over the group, and another is wearing headphones and operating the camera (which we cant see).

Bitterne Park School in Southampton asked us to produce a video to help prospective students get a feel for the school beyond a typical open day. Our mission was clear: create a video that not only promotes the school but also soothes the nerves of prospective students, reassuring them that the transition to secondary school is far from scary.

After an in-person brainstorming session with the BPS team, we proposed this “day in the life” concept which puts the viewer in the shoes of a year 7 student. They loved it, and we quickly got to work with the filming.

Our cast for the day consisted of around  20 enthusiastic drama-loving students who stepped into their roles with infectious energy. And, because the video was filmed from the point of view of a student, our crew had to sit in lessons again – for the first time in over 15 years! (Can you imagine how they filmed the dance lesson?!)


The Drum & LinkedIn – Live Stream

A behind-the-scenes view of a live broadcast setup featuring multiple monitors with graphics for "THE ART OF B2B" sponsored by LinkedIn and The Drum. A studio environment with professional lighting and a video camera on a tripod is visible in the background, highlighting a set with a grey couch and red-lit wall. The foreground shows production equipment, including a sound mixer and various computer interfaces, indicating a high level of technical control for live streaming or recording.

The Drum is a marketing, advertising and media industry publication. We’ve known about The Drum for years, because many of our agency clients have been winners of their prestigious industry awards. We’ve seen their logo on many agency websites!

So it was a delight that we were asked to help The Drum with several live streaming and filming projects this year. For example, this live streamed panel discussion for The Drum in collaboration with LinkedIn.

One of the things that made this live streaming work notable is that we were purely brought in to handle the technical aspect of the live stream. The Drum had their own cameras and operators, but needed technical broadcast support.

So we hopped up to Shoreditch with  a Technical Director, one of our live streaming PPUs, a comms kit, and a PTZ camera, which helped to run the broadcast for them. And it was a tremendous success!

If you’re looking for technical support for your live stream – even if you have some production capability in-house – we’d love to help. We’re more than happy to interface with your own cameras, crew and systems to make your live stream work, so why not get in touch?


BH Live Tour Videos

A camera on a tripod is aimed at an indoor swimming pool, with the camera's screen showing a view of the pool lanes. The backdrop features a large, wood-beamed ceiling and a waterslide, conveying a leisure or sports centre atmosphere. The pool is marked with lane dividers and the calm water reflects the structure above.

Earlier this year, BH Live approached us to produce a series of leisure centre video tours for their website and social media channels.

The goal was to capture the essence of each facility, ensuring a friendly and inclusive tone throughout. From the energetic classes and gyms, to the unique wellness hubs. The videos showcase every corner of the centres, including the cafés, and the vast scale and surroundings of the exteriors, captured with our drone.

We’re so thrilled to have produced 7 promotional videos for their centres so far. And we’ve also produced promotional videos for their seasonal ice skating rink at the Bournemouth International Centre and several aqua parks and indoor inflatable facilities.


So there you have it…

Our standout projects from 2023! As always, there were so many great projects on our list, though we couldn’t possibly list them all! But we’re beyond thankful for every single one and we’ve been lucky enough to have continued working with lots of our long-standing clients this year, as well as welcoming some new clients into the mix.

Excitingly, our calendar for next year is already filling up, and there are even a few bookings for 2025! So, if you’ve got a project on the horizon, don’t hesitate to reach out and get booked in!

Let’s make something fantastic together in 2024.


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