SandisonPay & Mansour Group – Animated Timeline Video

This short, animated video shows the history of the Mansour Group. The Group is a family-owned conglomerate that has invested in companies such as General Motors, Caterpillar, and McDonald’s. (We also created a video for one of their subsidiaries, Man Capital.)

SandisonPay, a digital marketing agency near Fareham, commissioned us for this project. SandisonPay supplied us with the visual assets to animate, which we did in line with a storyboard that they supplied. We were very much tasked with the “heavy lifting” on this one.

The end result is a high-class summary of the Mansour Group’s prestigious history.

The Production Process

All photos, videos and illustrations were provided by the team at SandisonPay. Once received, we started by creating motion graphic sequences for each key time period.

This resulted in about 18 different sequences, each of a few seconds each. These sequences were designed to sync together, using archive photos and videos to link them. As you can see, the end result works really well, with each year flowing seamlessly into the next.

Our work on this project spanned about two months. As you can imagine, covering such a deep history took a while.

The final video was published as part of the launch of the Mansour Group’s new website, which was built by SandisonPay. The video featured prominently on the homepage of the multi-billion pound business. Fortunately, however, you don’t need to be turning over billions to have a video like this of your own.

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