Appello – Instructional Demonstration

Many businesses and organisations who provide a physical product or service will have a team member or sales person who can demonstrate those products and services really well, but when their diary starts filling up it can sometimes leave customers waiting for information.

When Appello were looking to scale with video they asked us to record their staff demonstration for one of their on-site customer solutions. By taking an existing demonstration that had been well rehearsed over the years and recording it professionally, with close ups of the details, Appello are now able to send a comprehensive video to their customers (which they can watch instantly) instead of leaving them waiting for a bespoke demonstration from a member of staff.

This eight minute product demonstration was filmed at Appello’s offices in Lymington in a morning and edited to a professional standard for them to use shortly after. This approach is an affordable and effective way of using video, and we’ve seen customers have great results.

Style: Training,

Techniques: Filming,

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