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Apprenticeships at Fareham College

We produced this promotional video for apprenticeships at Fareham College to fit alongside a larger marketing campaign by our client Carswell Gould. The video features testimonial interviews with apprentices, employers, and members of staff from the college to promote the benefits of this style of learning.

Over the course of three days we filmed on location at CooperVision, South Western Railway, Carnival UK, Razor’s Edge hairdressers, and also the college’s CEMAST facility to capture the video that you can watch above. We also took a number of high quality supplemental photographs while filming. These were used throughout the wider campaign, such as in print, on social media, and across the college’s website.

During the editing process we created a full length video (featured above) as well as shorter excerpts that focussed on each employer’s experience. All of the videos were provided with open captions to assist viewers who are hard of hearing or don’t have the ability to play sound on their device.

Fareham College Portrait Sample
A sample of a portrait photo taken on location during this project
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