Carswell Gould & Hampshire Cultural Trust – Dinofest


Dinofest Overview


Interview with Shadow the Dinosaur


Dinofest at Milestones Museum


The Milestones Story

Dinofest was a family-focussed cultural event organised by Hampshire Cultural Trust. Throughout the summer of 2015, Hampshire came to life with dinosaur themed activities for children of all ages.

Although the programme contained a wide variety of things to do, Dinofest centred around two large dinosaur-themed exhibits. These were available to visit at Sea City Museum in Southampton and Milestones Museum in Basingstoke. The museums had borrowed several animatronic dinosaurs from the London Natural History Museum, which were spectacular. You can see the children’s reactions to these in our video above!

Dinofest was publicised by Southampton-based PR agency Carswell Gould, who commissioned us for this project. Working with Carswell Gould, we created a series of videos to promote the event to children and parents. It was our job to capture the excitement and buzz surrounding the event. We had to make it look “ROARSOME”!

Additionally, we were also capturing the event as a record for Hampshire Cultural Trust. The Trust had spent many years bringing the event together, so it was important that they could look back at the end result.

Finally, we produced a “B Roll” package which was provided to local press. This helped the event receive cover on broadcast media.

Overall, Dinofest was a great success. From our perspective, it’s a fantastic example of how you can use video to promote an event. As you’ll see from the videos, we captured a huge amount of material over the few days we were filming.

Ed Gould, Creative Director at Carswell Gould, later spoke about this project at our Video For Business Conference. You can hear more about the success of this campaign and how the videos influenced it below.

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