Europump – Webcam Video Coaching And Editing

During the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, we helped our client Europump produce a series of short webcam videos for social media. The videos allowed the Europump team to share updates on the company and the services they were still able to provide. (You can see one of the videos above.)

Recording In Lockdown

At the peak of lockdown the government issued a requirement to stay at home. To comply, the videos were recorded remotely by Europump team members using laptop webcams and smartphone cameras.

To get best results, the Southpoint Films team provided Europump with coaching. Before hitting the record button, the contributors hopped on a video call with one of our expert video producers.

During the call we gave them bespoke coaching on how to get the most out of their setup. For example, we gave them advice on where best to place the camera and how to deliver their message effectively.

Each coaching session lasted about thirty minutes. We then asked the contributors to record their videos and send them to us.

Polishing And Publishing

Once the videos were received, we assisted with some light editing. With many of the videos, this mean touching up the colours, adding some subtle blurring to the background, and also adding subtitles. (As the videos were being shared on social media, it was essential to consider viewers who might be watching without sound.)

Once completed, we sent the videos to Europump’s marketing team who shared them on social media. In one instance, we even helped with publishing the video to one of the staff members’ LinkedIn profile ourselves. The video received over 700 views.

While DIY videos like this are never going to have the same production quality as a professionally produced video, this project proves that a little bit of coaching, thought and polish goes a long way to ensuring that even the simplest of videos can have excellent results.

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