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We were commissioned by Waterlooville based firm ICEE to produce a series of promotional videos covering different aspects of their business for use on their website, at trade shows and during meetings. After an initial briefing we identified four key areas of the business that needed their own individual videos and suggested using the footage captured during this process to produce an overview video to summarise the entire business as well.

The filming process took place across five calendar days over the span of several months. This included an off-site shoot to capture one of the firm’s cabinets being installed in Berkshire and a day of filming in Bournemouth to capture one of the company’s active construction projects, which we attended at a point when we could capture several different stages of the development in one go.

During post-production we worked on all five videos simultaneously to make sure that they were ready in time for ICEE’s new website launch. This approach was successful and also resulted in efficiencies on aspects like the voice-over, where we could book the voice-over artist for all five films in bulk rather than individually for each video, saving time and cost.

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Techniques: Filming, Voice-Over,

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