Mars Day 2024 – Live Stream

We had the incredible opportunity to broadcast live from Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall for Mars Day 2024, hosted by the UK Space Education Office (ESERO-UK) and STEM Learning.

This exciting event brought together science enthusiasts and experts for an unforgettable event for school children across the country. We facilitated a full day of live streaming with studio-based presenters, interviews with prominent science figures such as Tim Peake, live dial-ins from around the world, a variety of virtual panel sessions and engaging Q&A sessions with astronauts from the European Space Agency.

One of the most thrilling aspects of the event was broadcasting live images from Mars, shown as close as humanly possible to real-time. Although we can’t take credit for actually capturing the images of the red planet, this project definitely takes the crown for being the farthest “live link” we’ve ever handled!

The live stream provided viewers with a unique glimpse into the science and technology behind space exploration, making Mars Day 2024 an unforgettable and educational experience.

In this special behind the scenes video, we take you through the meticulous planning and technical challenges of broadcasting this event:

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