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Motorhome Dealer Group “How To Buy” Video

We were initially approached to produce a promotional video for Motorhome Dealer Group. (Which we did!) Although it wasn’t part of the original brief, during the production process we came to realise that the company’s sales team needed a video that explained the buying process to prospective customers.

Although buying a motorhome is a fairly straight forward affair – especially with Motorhome Dealer Group’s team on hand to help – there were a couple of steps in the process that customers weren’t always expecting. It was agreed that having a short explainer video would be a really helpful addition to Motorhome Dealer Group’s sales toolkit.

As part of our commitment to helping companies use video effectively, rather than trying to shoehorn the additional messaging into the main video, we realised that we could create a second video using the same footage we’d captured for the company’s promotional video. By taking the footage from the main video and putting on-screen messaging over the top, we created the “How To Buy” that you see above.

By repurposing the footage from the main video we were able to keep production costs down. In fact, the costs were kept so far down that we didn’t need any additional budget for this video. Motorhome Dealer Group received this additional video for no extra cost. (We always try to go above and beyond wherever we can!)

The final result was two high quality, professional videos that have unique but important purposes within Motorhome Dealer Group’s marketing and sales strategies. Both videos were produced within our affordable Band A pricing bracket.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you have a video like this for your business, please get in touch or submit a brief. We look forward to working with you!

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