NHS Health Education England – Wessex Medical Educator’s Forum

We recently had the privilege of collaborating with NHS Health Education England in creating a groundbreaking hybrid event that seamlessly bridged the gap between online and in-person attendees.

The event was host to a diverse array of presentations, some delivered in-person and others remotely. In fact, due to some last minute issues, our host for the day joined us entirely remotely – despite originally planning to be there in person.

Why go “hybrid”?

Compared to a traditional in-person conference, which is how the event had run previously, the hybrid format allowed professionals from all over the region to take part when they might not have been able to otherwise. Many are still naturally wary about attending in-person events following the Covid-19 pandemic. But also, the hybrid nature allowed busy medical staff to dip and out of the conference around their clinical schedules.

A large screen shows a "multiview" containing several video feeds from cameras. A lady wearing a hijab is in the top left. She is dialled in remotely, from home. The other cameras show a conference room with lots of people gathered.

Our approach

To ensure a cohesive and interactive experience, we utilised professional broadcasting software which is used widely in the industry for handling remote callers. This technology allowed us to seamlessly link all presenters, both in the venue and online.

To further engage our audience, we leveraged Slido, a platform that empowered both online and in-person attendees to participate equally. Slido allowed all of the attendees to take part in polls, submit questions and chat together. Everyone had a voice, regardless of whether they were attending online or in-person. Using Slido ensured that everyone had an equal voice, fostering a sense of community and inclusion. A dedicated member of the NHS Health Education England team facilitated the interaction by reading out the Slido questions to the presenters in the room.

A caucasian man is sat at a large sound desk, with buttons and slider all over it. In the background, another man is seeing working at a computer. They are all tucked into the corner of a conference room, out of the way. There is lots of equipment and it looks very technical.

The outcome

The results were exceptional. Our hybrid event successfully connected medical professionals from diverse locations and backgrounds. The smooth interplay between online and in-person elements offered an experience that was both interactive and inclusive. The event’s impact was so profound that we’ve since been invited back to recreate this format, reinforcing its success.

At Southpoint Films, we take immense pride in collaborating on projects that innovate and adapt to changing circumstances. This event is an example of how we use professional live streaming technology to create hybrid events that bridge in-person and online audiences.

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