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Pav IT Promotional Series

We were approached by SDH Marketing to produce a series of promotional videos for their client Pav IT, who are based in Sussex. In a day of filming we were able to capture interviews with their customers, staff and the company’s leadership team. These interviews made their way into the four videos featured here. Additionally, the footage has also been used in other videos for different purposes, including a staff recruitment video.

The driving force behind these videos primarily came from Pav IT’s sales team, who realised that they would benefit immensely from having high quality video content to send to prospective customers. The customer testimonials in particular now serve as glowing case studies of the work that Pav IT does, with genuine credibility thanks to the fact that their customers can be seen on camera speaking highly of the company. It’s made a huge difference compared to sending written testimonials!

Testimonial from Kew Electrical
Testimonial from Giggleswick School
Testimonial from Detectamet
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