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Solardome Education Case Study

We were commissioned by Solardome Industries to produce a case study video of a unique dome installation at a school in Watford. The requirements for the shoot were that we were to capture interviews with the staff and students, obtain footage of the dome itself and the activities that take place within it, and also capture stunning aerial imagery of the dome on the roof of the building.

Working with one of our aerial partners, we were able to safely gather aerial footage using a drone, operating the aircraft safely and with the parameters of the law.

We were also asked to produce a 360° video of the insides of the dome. When viewing this through a VR headset, such as Google Cardboard via Youtube, prospective customers are able to get a feel for the dome as if they were standing there in person. Check out the video below, or experience it full via Youtube on your mobile device.

Enjoy the Solardome 360° video experience
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