Southern Co-op – AGM 2023

Southern Co-op is a major food retail and funeral care co-operative. They operate across 11 counties in the South of England and have over 127,000 members. In 2020, Southern Co-op was left with no choice but to hold their AGM online. Since the start, we’ve been on hand to help with the live stream of their AGM – and the format has been a huge success!

Like previous years, Southern Co-op’s AGM was hosted in the business lounge at Lakeside North Harbour in Portsmouth. The event featured a mixture of live presentations from Southern Co-op’s management team, pre-recorded updates, and Q&As from members. Most importantly, the event facilitated member votes on important topics related to how the organisation is governed. This interactivity was facilitated by Civica, with our stream broadcast to Vimeo. The Civica platform managed members logins, voting and question submissions.

From a production perspective, this event is a great opportunity to flex our technical capabilities. We provided four fixed cameras, three teleprompters, a large confidence monitor, audio and vision mixing systems, and VT / slide playback systems. You can see some photos of our setup below. Everything you see in the video above was produced in real-time using this equipment.

If you’re from a membership organisation like Southern Co-op and would like help running a virtual or hybrid AGM, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch.

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