Carswell Gould & Spaceway – Racking and Shelving Time-Lapse

We produced this short time-lapse video for Spaceway on behalf of digital marketing agency Carswell Gould.

It showcases a racking and shelving installation at one of Spaceway’s client’s sites in Christchurch, Dorset. The finished construction can hold 5,000 pallets and 80,000 picking totes.

As a larger installation, Carswell Gould thought it would make a great case study for the Spaceway website. So it was over to us to capture the project on camera.

Our Approach

The project was expected to run for eight weeks, so we needed a time-lapse solution that could last. We also needed something small that wouldn’t get in the way of the construction works. For this project we used a small GoPro camera with external power.

GoPro cameras record photos and videos to an SD card, so we had to carefully manage the project to ensure that the camera wouldn’t run out of data storage. This meant visiting the site every few weeks to offload the footage.

We co-ordinated our visits to coincide with construction milestones and when we thought the camera needed offloading. (We worked this out with a series of calculations about the camera’s data usage.)

An example of our data management prediction calculations for the GoPro camera
An example of our data management prediction calculations for the GoPro camera

While visiting the site, we also captured real-time footage of Spaceway’s team at work. We used this to highlight the start of the project, some of the work in the middle, and the finished construction. You can see this footage in the video.

Once the construction work was complete, it was time to put the video together. We created a first draft of the video and wrote an initial script which left room for key statistics and information. This was sent to Carswell Gould’s team to fact-check and approve with Spaceway.

Once signed off, the script was recorded by one of our professional voice-over artists and put to a stock music track. The finished video was then sent to Carswell Gould who added it to the Spaceway website and shared it in various digital campaigns.

The end result is a high quality video that was used effectively within an integrated digital marketing strategy.

Style: Promotional,

Techniques: Filming, Time-Lapse, Voice-Over,

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