Truvox International – Product Instructional Videos (English & French)


Hydromist 35 - How To (English)


Hydromist 35 - How To (French)


Orbis Eco - How To (English)


Orbis Eco - How To (French)


VTVe - How To (English)


VTVe - How To (French)

We produced this series of instructional videos for Truvox International to demonstrate and promote their range of industrial cleaning machines. The videos, narrated by Truvox’s staff, have been produced in both English and French through our voice-over services using our in-house voice-over booth facility.

Above are samples of the videos with both their English and French counterparts. While the English versions of each video naturally presented no problem, we were able to work on the French versions with little hassle either.

Thanks to our foreign language dubbing workflows, once the French voice-over had been recorded we were able to work efficiently and effectively without needing to speak the language we were editing in, only relying on a translator for reviewing and tweaking the videos when they were finished. This helps us keep costs down.

Because Truvox utilised our in-house voice-over booth, when their French speaking member of staff came in to review the videos we were able to record any necessary changes and amendments and add them to the video for approval in almost real-time, allowing them to leave the recording session with completed videos.

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Techniques: Filming, Voice-Over,

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