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Turbo Service International – Onboard Overhaul

We were tasked by Turbo Service International, whose head office is in Southampton, to produce a video showing their “Onboard Overhaul” process. With an ideal case study opportunity available, we jumped on a plane to Holland to film the process at TSI’s facilities in Rotterdam. Over the course of two days we were able to capture a turbo rotor being removed from a cargo ship, the complete servicing, refurbishment and reinstallation of the turbo rotor, and the general maintenance and refurbishment of a turbo charger. In addition, we were also able to capture footage of several processes that were unique to TSI’s Rotterdam facility, which was used in other videos.

From a filmmaking perspective, this project wasn’t without its challenges. The engine room in a cargo ship is a dark and tight space which meant that we had to be sparing with the equipment we took on board. We also had to employ the use of small LED lights which could appropriately light up the engine without causing an obstruction for the technicians who were working onboard. This was made harder by filming in slow motion, which requires more light; a decision that was made in a previous video for TSI for dramatic impact which we wanted to maintain for consistency!

Once we arrived back in Southampton we got to work on putting the video together. As soon as a first cut was ready, the TSI team visited our office to review the footage and ensure that the video told the right story from a technical perspective. Working closely together on the editing allowed us to keep a careful balance with creating a video that was visually appealing and also relevant to TSI’s customers, for whom the technical details are highly important.

The final video is a comprehensive look at the process from start to finish and includes a testimonial from the customer. It’s now used as a way of showing TSI’s customers what to expect when they book in for this service.

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