Turbo Service International – Turbocharger Assembly

Turbo Service International asked us to create a video that summarised the turbocharger assembly process for one of their turbochargers which are installed on large marine vessels such as cargo and cruise ships, as well as in power stations.

Filmed at their head office and workshop facilities in Southampton, we were able to distill the hours-long assembly process into a short video that lasts only a few minutes. By using creative shots, we were able to bring the process to life and provide a close-up view of the intricate engineering work that takes place during each build.

Once the filming was completed and we had a first cut of the video ready to view, we invited the team from TSI to visit our office and review the video content. Working closely together, we were able to make sure that the video remained enjoyable to watch without skimping on the technical details, ensuring that the assembly process was clear to prospective customers who typically have a technical or engineering background.

The final video can be found on TSI’s website and is used to show prospective customers the high level of quality that they should expect from Turbo Service International’s products and services.

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