Vimsy – Promotional Video

We created this short promotional video for Vimsy, an online video management system that was created by the team here at Southpoint Films. (The service shut down in April 2020.)

With this promotional video we wanted to create a quick introduction to the service that showed prospective users what to expect from the product; what it looked like and the different features that were available.

The video is comprised of live action filming in our studio to show the product running on a real device, which we felt added authenticity, as well as screen recordings to show the service in action more clearly.

In total this video took half a day of pre-production, a day of filming and screen recording, and a day of editing to produce. The video also features a voice-over from Rowan, which was partly to add some familiarity with our team, but also because – as a quickly changing tech product – we knew it would make it easier (and cheaper) to re-record it again in the future when the product details in the video changed.

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