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About Us

Southpoint Films Ltd is a limited company registered in England & Wales.

Company No.: 8705276.

Registered Offices: 61 – 65 High Street, Totton, Southampton, SO40 9HL, United Kingdom.

For any queries about this policy, please contact us.


Our business activities would be described as producing videos, photographs and other digital content on behalf of other businesses and organisations for the purposes of advertising, promotion, training and education, and providing solutions to use that content within a commercial capacity.

As part of our business activities we collect information that can be used to identify individuals. We also collect identifiable information about visitors to our website and individuals who enquire with us about our products and services.

In this policy we aim to outline the information that is collected, why that information is collected, how the information will be processed, and how long the information will be retained for.

Content production

During our video production and photography activities we will typically collect the following types of personally identifiable information:

  • The physical image of an individual,
  • The name of the individual,
  • Where the individual was,
  • When the individual was there,
  • Why the individual was there,
  • Organisations and persons the individual is associated with.

This information is collected when an individual appears in front of one of our cameras.

How this data is processed

We take the videos and images we capture and edit them to meet the commercial needs of our customers. We take great care to ensure that everybody who is filmed or photographed has given their consent and has agreed to how the content will be used. In fact, it is a requirement of our Terms of Service that our customers must have consent prior to any filming or photography taking place.

If we have captured video and images of individuals who have not provided consent, or their consent does not cover the intended use, we will not use this material and we will permanently delete it from our systems if instructed to do so by our customer.

Once a project is completed the final output is shared with our customer for them to use. We may also use some of the finished videos and photographs in our own promotions for Southpoint Films Ltd at our own discretion, such as on our portfolio or within our showreel.

The raw footage and photographs are archived for future reference, in case re-edits are needed later down the line. No further processing happens at this point.

Data retention and opt-out

As the content we capture belongs to our customers, we endeavour to retain this data indefinitely – unless instructed to remove it by our customers.

If we have data that identifies you and you wish to have this data removed, you must contact the relevant customer who can then instruct us to remove it from our systems on your behalf.

If you do not know how to contact the customer, you may send your request to and we will forward it to the customer on your behalf for them to review and then instruct us accordingly.

If data that identifies you has been used by Southpoint Films Ltd for marketing purposes and you wish to withdraw consent, please email with information about where the videos and images appear. We will review your request. If there is no legitimate interest in retaining the data, it will be removed and destroyed.

As editing or modifying existing videos and images is a labour intensive process, we are only able to facilitate deleting entire projects from our systems without incurring cost.

Customer details

During typical business activities we may acquire identifiable information about our customers. This includes:

  • Full name,
  • Email address(es),
  • Phone number(s),
  • Job title,
  • Company,
  • Work Address,
  • Social media profile URLs.

This information is given to us voluntarily by customers as part of their correspondence with us about work that we are carrying out, are due to be carrying out, or prospectively looking at carrying out. The only exception is social media profiles, which are sometimes discovered through email lookup tools within our CRM system, or are actively sought out by our staff to further connect with customers.

We only use this information for discussing the work at hand, or for discussing upcoming projects, and it is not shared with third parties outside of Southpoint Films Ltd and its suppliers (such as data storage providers) without direct and explicit consent from the customer.

We may also from time to time send emails to existing and previous customers with important, relevant information about activities at Southpoint Films Ltd, such as changes to our policies and procedures.

Data storage and retention

We store this type of customer information in our company email and calendar systems, powered by Google Workspace and Calendly, with FreeAgent, with Capsule CRM, and with MailChimp. You can read their respective privacy policies below.

We retain our customer data data indefinitely on the basis that we may need to refer to previous communications before working on future projects with you, we may be required to contact you regarding payments for work carried out, or we may need to send updates about changes to our policies and procedures which could effect data we hold on our systems on your behalf.

If you wish to be removed entirely from our systems, which may require us deleting existing projects we hold on our systems, please contact

Financial information

We collect financial information from our customers and suppliers. This allows us to make and receive payments. This includes:

  • Sort Code,
  • Account Number,
  • Account Name,
  • Account Address,
  • Transaction identifiers related to online payments through credit card.

Data storage and retention

This information is stored with our bank, and with payments processors Stripe and Paypal. All of these systems require at least two-factor authentication and access is limited within our company to strictly those who need it. This data is retained indefinitely for the purposes of complying with regulations, monitoring security and preventing fraud.

Data collected via our website

Visitor analytics, usage monitoring and advertising tags

We use the following third party services to gain insights into the visitors of our website:

  • Google Analytics,
  • Facebook Pixel,
  • Hotjar,
  • LinkedIn Insight Tags,
  • Wistia,
  • WordPress Analytics,
  • Service usage analytics provided by Siteground, our web hosting provider.

We use the information provided by these services to observe the number of users visiting our domain during any given period. This allows us to monitor overall site performance and optimise our service during times of high activity.

We also use these services to collect information about visitors to our website for the purposes of advertising. For example, to create advertising campaigns which reach visitors of our website, known as “remarketing”, and to create advertising campaigns that reach an audience that is similar to our website’s visitors.

These services also provide us with technical information about our users, such as the type of devices, web browsers, operating systems, and screen resolutions used by visitors to our website and service. They can also show us how long visitors have spent using our website, which pages they navigated to during a browsing session, how long they spent on each page, which page elements they interacted with and how they found our website (e.g. search engines, social media, other referrals or directly). We use this information when making decisions regarding future changes to our website and to optimise our website for better usability.

These services also provide us with demographic information about visitors to our website, such as their country or city, gender, age bracket, and their interests based on their usage of the third party service (such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn) and web browsing activity. We use this information for making decisions about the audiences and territories in which promote, market and advertise our business.

Third-party video analytics

Most videos on our website are hosted with a third party video hosting service. As a result, visitors who watch a video on the Southpoint Films website will have data collected about them by at least one of these third party companies, regardless of whether they are logged in or not.

You can find their respective privacy policies below.

If we use other third party video hosting providers, the video player will contain an attribute to the hosting platform within the video player interface. You will be able to find the privacy policy for that specific hosting platform on their website.

Most of these host platforms offer analytics that we are able to access in order to review video performance. In some cases, these analytics can be associated with individual persons in the form of IP address collection, or by associating video views with your account on the respective host platform. We use this information for monitoring performance of our video content, and also for checking whether a video has been seen by a customer when sent for review.

Data retention and opting out

Prior to using our website you will be asked if you consent to the use of cookies. If you decline the use of cookies or choose to only accept essential cookies, your information will not be collected by third party services associated with insights, tracking and analytics.

If you have previously given consent and wish to manage your settings, you can manage your consent via this URL: Manage consent

You will be automatically asked to re-consent to cookies from time to time.

We retain insights, tracking and analytics data indefinitely for the purposes of monitoring our service and website usage over time, allowing us to create reports that compare performance across different periods.

If you are concerned with how your data has been collected and processed, please contact

In most cases the information is collected and presented in anonymised manner and, as such, Southpoint Films Ltd cannot identify an individual person from this type of information. Therefore we cannot modify, share or delete data related to a specific individual that has been gathered in this manner. We can provide more information on a case by case basis.

If you have a Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account you can control how much information these services provide companies like ours in your account settings on each respective platform. If you use a modern browser, you can also enable tracking prevention tools to limit tracking from third party services as you browse online.

Web Forms

We provide forms on our website that allow website visitors to submit information to us. This information is provided voluntarily by the submitter and no information is collected without user input. The information collected by these forms is used exclusively for the purposes outlined on the page containing the form.

We do not share this information with third parties without obtaining explicit consent from the individual submitting the information and, unless the submitter explicitly opts in, we do not use these details for marketing or advertising purposes as a result of the form submission.

By default:

  • Information submitted through our general “Contact Us” form is removed from our website’s database after 30 days.
  • Information submitted through the “Submit Your Brief” form is removed from our website’s database after 90 days.
  • Information submitted through a freelance application form is removed from our website’s database after 365 days.
  • Information submitted through a job application form is removed from our website’s database after 210 days.

However, all or some information may still be retained in other places. For example, the information submitted in these forms is sent to our team via email, to our CRM, or directly to a processing service such as Mailchimp, where the data remains under control of Southpoint Films Ltd.

If you have previously submitted information to us and would like to make sure all data is removed from our systems, please email


Got questions about our privacy policy or how we handle data at Southpoint Films? You can email us for more advice and support.

Last reviewed: 25th February 2021