Is professional video production worth it?

14th February 2017 | Posted in Resources

“Should I spend money on professional video or can I do it myself?”

This is a question that many of our prospective customers ask themselves before they approach us. In this video Rowan explains what some of the benefits of a professionally produced video are vs a DIY video, and when it may be more appropriate to make a quick video yourself using your smartphone rather than paying up for a professional crew.

Can’t watch the video? Here’s our transcript: “Is professional video production worth it?”

Hi there, Rowan here from Southpoint Films. Today I want to talk about whether professional video production is worth it.

Spoiler: As you probably guessed, my view is that it is, but hear me out if you want to know why. I’m not totally biased.

When you run a professional business it’s important that your business looks, well, professional. The moment your business looks unprofessional, you’ll start losing business and opportunities won’t come your way. Professionalism is the basis of credibility, reliability and integrity which, at least for me, are traits I look for in companies I buy from.

Just as you wouldn’t create your company logo in Microsoft Paint, or at least I hope you wouldn’t design your company logo in Microsoft Paint, you shouldn’t film externally facing content for your company on an iPhone. Both examples there would produce a functional result, but they wouldn’t be professional.

But can’t I buy a fancy camera like yours and do it myself? Well, no.

When my team and I talk about equipment, we think about hammers. Buying a fancier hammer won’t help you hit a nail into the wall if you don’t know how to use a hammer to begin with.

We say that our customers don’t care about the hammer. They care that the nail has been hit into the wall on budget, on time and effectively for their needs. That’s what we do, and I like to think we do it very well.

If you buy the most expensive hammer you can with no experience of using that hammer, you’ll end up with as many holes in your wall and as many wonky nails as you would have done with a cheap hammer.

Skill and experience can’t be bought on a shelf. They take time to develop and accrue. But skill and experience can be hired, which is what you do when you bring in a professional.

A professional company or organisation should absolutely place value in having a professional service delivered to them.

But, despite popular belief, a professional result doesn’t always mean an expensive service. When we work with clients we always aim to get the most value out of the time we spend with them. We can often produce several videos in the time we spend with a client, which gives them far greater return on investment.

In fact, we can do far more for far less than it would take for your organisation to do a DIY video in house. After all, staff aren’t free.

Here’s an example of a professionally shot video VS a video that was done DIY. As you can see, there are many advantages to the professional video.

Firstly, you can see and hear the professional video. The framing and quality on the professional video means that you can actually see the content. On the professional video we can add in presentations in full screen for you to read, and the camera follows the speaker so you can see them clearly. This isn’t the case with DIY, and the same is true for most DIY films. There’s a real art to making videos, which is often underestimated by the DIY approaches.

While basic graphic and web design, as well as photography, has been commoditised, video is still very difficult. Video combines all of the photography principals, such as framing, lighting, exposure and others with audio and movement, which add completely different dimensions which are hard to consider without professional equipment.

Do you really want to stand at the back of a room with a camera for eight hours? That’s what we do with our cameras.

In my honest opinion, DIY is not an option when it comes to professionally representing your business or organisation through video. Even hiring an inexperienced videographer, such as a student, is risky, as you’ll end up spending twice as much when you realise that the first attempt wasn’t quite up to scratch. It’s better to go ‘pro’ from the get go.

Now for the balance.

Where DIY video works is when you’re creating something for internal use. Want to motivate your team? Sure, record a fun video using your smartphone or a GoPro camera. It’s a great boost for morale.

Need to include a single team member or a small group of team members in your company conference? Of course, use something like Periscope or Skype.

But when it comes to creating something that represents your brand, organisation and ethos, it’s best to leave it to the professionals – especially if you want to monetise your content, such as training videos and events. A professional approach is going to be the best approach. I can guarantee it.

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