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8th April 2020 No comments
Paul French, Mentoring at Southpoint Films

In the third episode of our podcast “Are We Rolling?”, I spoke with my colleague Paul French about a range of topics, such as his career, his approach to business and the value of having ethics in the commercial world.

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I’ve worked with Paul French for many years now – ever since I opened Southpoint Films back in 2013. I met Paul through Solent University where he was introduced to me as a business mentor. His advice and guidance was invaluable during the early days of the company.

Paul went on to join Southpoint Films formally in 2015 when we merged our companies together. Since then we’ve grown the business, worked with some fantastic clients, and have really enjoyed working with each other.

One of the unique things about working with Paul is that he’s exactly forty years older than me – almost to the day. Our age difference gives us both a unique perspective on business, technology and our sense of ethics.

This provides us with a massive business advantage, giving us the ability to understand a broad spectrum of generational views and issues. Where I might be closer to what’s coming from the horizon, Paul provides the historical context needed to ensure that we understand where we are now. (Paul’s interests in history also leads us to exploring opportunities that I’d never consider on my own.)

We hope you find our conversation interesting.

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