[2015] Testimonial from The PM Channel (Provek)

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The PM Channel is an online, video-based leaning resource for project managers. The channel is provided by Provek, a leading project management training and consultancy firm.

The PM Channel helps project managers take online qualifications, and also supplements classroom-based courses. Additionally, the channel helps practising project managers develop their skills. There are hundreds of hours of presentations that have been captured at conferences around the world. (In locations like France, Australia and Panama!)

Southpoint Films has been working with The PM Channel since its inception. We’ve recorded and edited their videos, which are watched by hundreds of project managers every day.

The PM Channel’s relationship to Southpoint Films, in my view, is central to our success. … And I say that after a longstanding relationship of over three years with the company… I’ve seen their timeliness and the quality of their work. And I’ve seen the quality and flexibility of their work. And my view in business terms is that I would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Dr Andrew Delo, Founder of the PM Channel and Managing Director of Provek

One of the unique things about The PM Channel is that it’s both a functional e-learning solution and a tremendous marketing vehicle for Provek. By filming industry events and conferences under The PM Channel banner, Provek is able to place itself above the competition. It also provides a huge wealth of value to Provek’s corporate customers who enjoy having access to such a gigantic library of educational content.

Going Live At PMI Synergy 2014 – The UK’s Largest Celebration Of Project Management

The PM Channel has a longstanding relationship with PMI UK. It has filmed the organisation’s annual “Synergy” conference for many years. This gives event delegates and The PM Channel’s members the ability to watch the event on-demand, at a later date.

In 2014, Southpoint Films live streamed the entire conference online. This was a first for The PM Channel and PMI UK. We provided a high quality stream of the event that was viewable on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. This allowed project managers around the globe to enjoy the event, in realtime. It was a huge success.

Check out our full case study for more details.

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