Should You Use Video At Exhibitions?

22nd July 2015 No comments

The short answer is “Yes!”

Business shows and exhibitions are an essential part of the marketing toolkit. They’re great for putting the name of your business “out there” and for generating sales leads – especially when at industry-specific trade shows.

When packed amongst a sea of other exhibitors, it’s important to make sure your business stand outs. In our opinion, a simple way of doing this is by using video.

Many businesses have promotional videos that they use on their websites and in sales presentations. If you’re working with a video production company such as ours, it doesn’t take too much (or cost too much) to have your nicely produced video re-edited for use at an exhibition or trade show.

In some cases, you may even be able to use a video you already have without modification – although it’s important that your key messages come across clearly at all points during the video. You need it so that passersby don’t miss anything important.

For example, if your video features interviews or a voice-over, you’ll need to consider whether you’ll be able to play sound in the exhibition venue. Even if you can, it may be difficult for people to hear it over the exhibition buzz.

If your business is due to exhibit at a trade show or business exhibition, we couldn’t recommend video enough. When we exhibit at trade shows we alway bring a large television and show a selection of our work for people to view. It always gets people talking!

Successful use of video at exhibitions

In our video, we highlighted our client Industrial Cleaning Equipment (ICE) and how they used video earlier in the year at The Cleaning Show in London.

For this show, ICE built their exhibition stand around a large LED screen. This was used to display a series of videos that we’d produced for them, which showcased a selection of their key products. This made a huge impression, with visitors constantly stopping in their tracks to watch the videos.

Additionally, by using video, ICE were able to showcase a broader range of products. Usually the company would take a handful of cleaning machines to events, which would be demonstrated on their stand, but the videos allowed them to show more products, and in real-world environments.

Finally, after the show, ICE were able to reuse the videos for their online marketing. This helped with their post-show follow up. It also gave them plenty of media collateral for sales presentations and on social media.

Finding a solution for your business

If you’re interested in using video to promote your business at a trade show or exhibition, we can help.

We’ve worked with businesses of all kinds to create high impact videos for events. Will your business or organisation be next?

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