Introducing “Are We Rolling?” – A Podcast From Southpoint Films

6th April 2020 No comments
Are We Rolling? Podcast Photo

We’re delighted to unveil our brand new (and first ever!) podcast “Are We Rolling?

“Are We Rolling?” is a podcast that explores the realities of running a successful small business in the creative industry, the impact of technology on the creative process, and how the tools and techniques used to create industry leading corporate videos will influence the future of video production… and the world!

The podcast is hosted by our Managing Director, Rowan Johnson, and is comprised of a mixture of monologues and interviews that explore various topics related to the world of corporate video production. We’re still finding our feet with it a little bit, but we’re really excited to be exploring this exciting and growing media format.

Embedded below is our first episode titled “Pilot” in homage to the pilot of a TV show. In this episode Rowan discusses the potential of podcasting and where we see this style of content fitting in the world of business.

Over the course of this week (our launch week) we’ll be releasing one new episode of “Are We Rolling?” per day. These are episodes that we’ve been working on since the beginning of this year. We’re really excited to finally share them with everyone.

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