Video Production Technology: What’s Changed In 10 Years?

2nd November 2023 No comments

If you haven’t seen our news, Southpoint Films Ltd reached its 10th anniversary this month. But as we hit this fantastic milestone at our company, it’s not just about cutting cakes and popping confetti!

Video production technology is always changing, and I’m passionate about staying at the front of the technology curve. Like some of our previous anniversaries, I like to use our company’s birthday as an opportunity to reflect on how things have changed over the years. And if I’m feeling bold, I also share my thoughts on where things are going next. Which brings us onto today’s video.

If you didn’t catch it five years ago, I strongly suggest that you take a look at the video I made on Southpoint Films’ 5th birthday. The video in today’s post is a direct follow up to that previous video, so it’s worth watching it first. There’s a fun surprise if you do!

In today’s video, I take some time to talk about how several important video production technologies have changed over the past five years. I also discuss how emerging technologies like AI are going to impact video production. Big changes aren’t just coming – they’re already here. And in my view, it’s really exciting to consider how this technology is going to impact our work going forward.

So, if you’re interested in hearing how video production technology such as drones, virtual reality, AI and 5G are making an impact, please give this latest video a watch. If you have comments, you can let me know what you think on our YouTube channel, or send me a message by email.

It’ll be interesting to hear what we’re talking about in a future video, 10 years from now…!

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