What Are Motion Graphics?

18th July 2023 No comments

“Motion graphics” is a video technique that combines the art of graphic design with the skill of animation. Commonly, this technique relies heavily on text, although it can also be used to show information like charts and stats. In addition to text, motion graphics often incorporate basic shapes and icons, with movement added to give these some life.

The difference between “Motion Graphics” and “Graphic Design”

The difference between motion graphics and normal graphic design is quite obvious. Motion graphics are for moving images, whereas graphic design is for static images. Graphic designers will often find themselves making flyers, brochures and posters, whereas motion graphic artists make video content.

Animation vs Motion Graphics

What’s less obvious is – what are the differences between motion graphics and animation?

Typically, animations are more detailed. Animations often include characters and full illustrated scenes. The movements in animations also tend to be more complex, to mimic what would happen if those objects moved in real life. Motion graphics tend to be a bit more basic, more decorative, and less grounded in real world physics.

Additionally, motion graphics are often blended with live action video, whereas animation isn’t so much. If you’re working on an information-dense video, motion graphics are a great way of visualising that information on screen. In fact, if you’re recording a presentation, it may be better to ditch the powerpoint slides and choose motion graphics instead. Often, they’re far more engaging.

Motion graphics are also a great way of getting messages across in videos on social media. Many platforms now play videos with the sound off by default, so motion graphics can be used to show key messages in an exciting and eye-catching way, without relying on the viewer hearing any narration.

Tips for adding text to videos

A few words of advice for text-heavy motion graphics videos:

  • Keep the wording as short and as simple as possible; nobody likes to read a video, especially as everyone reads at different speeds.
  • Additionally, if your video has audible narration, make sure any on-screen text matches what the narrator is saying. It’s hard to read something that’s completely different to what someone’s telling you. The text should simply highlight the key points, not tell a different story.

Hopefully that’s helpful!

As with all video content, the most important thing is that your videos are exciting and engaging. Here at Southpoint Films, we work on all kinds of videos – from promotional videos, to training films, and videos at events. We use motion graphics across all of these types of videos. And we create fully animated videos too!

If you’d like to know more about how motion graphics and animation could work within your next video project, please get in touch!

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