Why It Pays To Have A Professional Kickstarter Video

26th January 2017 No comments
Kickstarter video

“Where Do I Send The Cheque?”

An effective and meaningful video to support a Kickstarter, crowdfunding opportunity or indeed any other business investment initiative will certainly add considerable strength to your funding campaign. Rather than spending valuable time in front of potential investors telling your story, a powerful video will show your business and product in a clear and engaging way. Additionally, an effective Kickstarter video can be used on your website, alongside social media efforts, and during in-person presentations, giving you far more bang for your buck.

It’s said that a picture tells a thousand words, so a video can only tell far more. A well scripted and cleverly crafted video will endorse your message in a format that is openly accepted by all. For in-person pitches, an online video can be sent in advance to avoid wasted journeys by letting potential investors qualify their interest (or lack of interest!) before travelling to see you. Equally, the video can be used to excite potential investors before you travel to see them, putting you in a strong position before the pitch even begins.

Every potential investor, from a Kickstarter Backer all the way up to a Venture Capital partner, looks not only at the opportunity but equally at how the business is managed in order to assess the security of their investment and ensure a healthy return on their financial commitment. As a result, the business owner needs to manage all their available resources effectively thereby increasing the chances of a success. This means making sure your pitch counts by giving them the confidence they need to part with their cash. It’s of no value to anyone when a pitch is made with half measures.

When looking for a production company to create a Kickstarter video that supports the funding campaign it’s important to consider both the creative and commercial experience of the team that you intend to work with. A high quality video can help secure the investment needed to convert your innovative product or concept into a profitable and sustainable business.

Here at Southpoint Films we have a team that not only includes award winning cameramen and editors but an Executive Producer who is a Fellow of both the Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs. (Me!) Our combined knowledge and experience adds considerable value when producing a corporate video focused on inward investment, training or marketing.

In my previous life I was the Managing Director of a multi-national company involved in the field of emergent and innovative technologies. At that company I worked to secure a seven figure investment to take designs from concept to manufacture. I’ve also sat on funding panels at local universities and business support groups where I’ve been presented with a wide variety of pitches. The best are by far the ones that demonstrate deep thought, credibility of idea and professionalism of approach.

While I’m aware that there are some key differences between raising money online through crowdfunding and pitching formally to investors, the outcome is ultimately the same. A business needs money and somebody needs to give it to them in order to fund an objective that will provide a return for the investor, be it a return of cash or simply the production of a new product that the investor desires. The way that the want and the need is communicated is essential for success.

In complete honesty, it’s not the Kickstarter video alone that will create the impact but the message it delivers. You will need all the creative and commercial support you can get to ensure your story is visually appealing, on brand, and on message so that your potential investor can look at it and then say… “where do I send the cheque?”

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