Social Media’s Industry Maturity – with Alex Packham, ContentCal

25th June 2020 No comments

Back in May, we spoke to Alex Packham, Founder and CEO of ContentCal, for our podcast “Are We Rolling?” In this short clip, Rowan and Alex discuss the maturity of social media as an industry.

Is social media still being run by the interns?

Listen to the full interview

This interview was recorded for our podcast “Are We Rolling?”  – you can listen to the full interview below.

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About Alex

Alex is the Founder and CEO of ContentCal.

ContentCal is a marketing and social media management platform. Alex founded ContentCal in 2016, and has since raised over £2.5 million in venture capital for the business.

Prior to ContentCal, Alex ran a social media marketing agency, ASTP, which had a revenue of over £1 million, and worked for Sky’s Now TV and Odeon running social media for these major brands. He’s also a Board Director for Prop Store and Kindred.

Alex also recently launched his own podcast titled “Audio Blog” which can be found on his website


The transcript for “Social Media’s Industry Maturity – with Alex Packham, ContentCal” has been edited lightly for clarity in written form.


When something goes wrong on social media, like a big company tweets something vaguely inappropriate or they just don’t handle something well, there’s always this joke that they’ve fired the intern who runs the social media. I think the world has moved way past that, hasn’t it?


Yeah, it definitely has. And when I look back now, the comments like that… which, in the early days of social media marketing, they were right for me… that was exactly right.

HMV is a good example actually. When HMV collapsed in that 2008-12 period, and everything went crazy, the intern or social media manager – whoever was in control of the account – who had been redundant went absolutely ham on the Twitter account. The actual business had no understanding of the potential repercussions of that kind of thing. I think there’s been a few key moments in the last 10 years where businesses have had significant “negative impact” press, PR, and actual real serious problems with this.

So yeah, we’re definitely beyond that stage. And that’s a good thing for the industry, and a good thing for business, I think.


Yes, there’s definitely a lot of social media snafus that have happened. Even at the moment, I look at Elon Musk’s Twitter which is just… oh gosh. He could get in so much trouble.


That’s a really good example because I think with someone like him, it’s his account. I don’t know how it’s linked to Tesla. But like… If he had a corporate comms team trying to control what he says… I’m assuming he probably doesn’t, or he just tells them to go away.

But most businesses can’t afford to do what he does. That’s a total outlier. That’s a that’s a good example.

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