Testimonial from Care Friends

10th January 2024 No comments

“I think the company really understands business, understands startups, and what we’re likely to need, even if we don’t know that ourselves.” We were thrilled to receive this lovely testimonial from Neil Eastwood, Founder & CEO of Care Friends – an employee referral app for social care.

We first met Neil in 2016 when we filmed a presentation for him at a major healthcare event. Then we filmed a series of promotional videos for his book “Saving Social Care”, a paid masterclass video series. Now we work with him to produce videos for his King’s Award Winning app Care Friends.

Video has been a powerful tool for Neil to advance his business and we’re delighted that he’s done it in lock-step with Southpoint Films. It’s been incredible joining him on his enterprise journey and we can’t wait to see where Neil and Care Friends go next!

If you’d like to learn more about the videos we produce for Care Friends, you can check them out on our portfolio. If you have a video project coming up that we could help you with, why not get in touch?

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