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4th December 2018 No comments
Filming Training Videos with Provek

I once heard a manager ask “Why do we spend all this time and money on training our staff, just for them to leave us?”

The CEO replied “What would happen to our business if we didn’t have trained staff?”

Speaking for myself, I’ve been in business management a very long time. I remember when an office was simply a building with desks. Phones were tied to those desks with wire and made a ringing sound. They even had dials that rotated when you entered a number. And the coffee was either black or white.

Business is a bit different now. Everything these days is “Smart”, “Lean” or “Agile”. One thing that’s stayed the same, however, is training. While classrooms have become more high-tech — with computers, projectors, tablets and even the occasional touch screen whiteboard — the basic act of gathering everyone in a room to run through processes and procedures hasn’t changed much. How can we apply these modern business principles to training?

In an increasingly connected world, it’s essential to take advantage of the technology we have available to us. Gathering a group of five, ten, twenty, or one hundred people in one place is a huge drain on business resources (time & money) and a massive burden on our environment (think about the carbon footprint of the travel, especially when flying staff in from distant locations).

Additionally, in-person training suffers from many variable factors.

  • What if necessary equipment isn’t available on the day, or it’s not up to complete working standard any more?
  • What if it’s raining and certain procedures can’t be demonstrated in the wet conditions?
  • What if the trainer isn’t feeling well and rushes through the training so that they can get home and rest sooner?
  • What if one of the people being trained doesn’t fully understand the instructions yet doesn’t speak up in fear of looking silly in front of their peers?

All of these factors, and many more, introduce risk and liability into the training process which could result in jobs being performed incorrectly and accidents happening.

The Answer Is Video

Video based training navigates these issues without compromising on the quality of the learning experience – if anything, the consistency of video learning ensures that all staff learn the same thing, in the same way, no matter what time of day it is, or what the weather is, and can be repeated at any time to deliver the same message every time – all without the need to occupy the time of another member of staff to conduct the training each time it’s required. (Saving you time and money in the long run.)

Because video is a visual format, viewers can be shown how to do things, rather than told – and the very nature of video makes it far more stimulating than printed instructions, which can be long and difficult to understand if the content is very technical. It’s a no brainer for delivering core training content.

If you work for an organisation that conducts regular training and you’re not thinking about using video to streamline the process, what’s the hold up? Find out more about our Training Video services or contact us to discuss how video could work within your business or organisation.

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