What is 360° Virtual Reality?

360° Virtual Reality is an exciting media format that lets the viewer choose which part of the video or photo they want to look at.

The 360° VR format is most commonly used for giving customers a virtual reality tour of a business’ location or facilities.

It’s also an excellent format for training and education, especially observation-based training where viewers must report what they’ve seen as part of their assessment.

Take a look at the example here, or browse our 360° VR video portfolio.

Our short explainer about 360° VR video and photography

Benefits of 360° VR Videos and Photos

Viewers can choose which part of the video or photograph to look at

Reduces the need for customers to attend your location in-person to answer simple questions

It’s proven to be a fantastic format for sharing observation-based training scenarios

Our dedicated 360° VR cameras make capturing 360° VR videos and photos easy and affordable

360° VR content is easy to deploy thanks to services like YouTube and Google Maps which have excellent support for the format

VR on phone 4

How to view 360° VR content

360° VR videos and photos are best viewed with a dedicated Virtual Reality headset, including smartphone-powered headsets like Google Cardboard.

However, many applications and services like YouTube and Google Maps also work on smartphones, desktops and tablets too, letting users click and drag to move the 360° VR content around.

360° VR content is also supported on Facebook, the world’s most popular social network and parent company of Oculus, allowing 360° VR content to be used in social campaigns.


Experience VR in 3D

If your project is primarily going to be viewed with VR headsets, we can capture your 360° VR content in a 3D “stereoscopic” format. This simulates depth and makes your content more immersive.

See an example

Note: You will need a VR headset or Google Cardboard viewer to see the 3D effect.

360 3D (Single)