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360° VR Video and Photography
Bespoke Video Production Services

Provide immersive Virtual Reality tours of your business

360° VR video and photography allows your customers to take a virtual reality tour of your business’ location or facilities without leaving the comfort of their home or office.

With our professional 360° cameras we can provide 8K resolution 360° video and 12K resolution 360° photos, which can be uploaded to popular services such as YouTube for viewers to watch, either on their desktop or mobile device, or with a dedicated VR viewer such as a Google Cardboard headset.

360° VR video and photography (headset)

Widely Accessible VR Experiences

Our 360° videos are compatible with popular services such as YouTube, allowing your customers to experience VR without expensive headsets and tracking equipment.

On YouTube specifically, viewers on desktops will be able to navigate the scene using their cursor, viewers on mobiles will be able to tap and drag to move the video around, or they can put their phone into an affordable Google Cardboard or equivalent headset (pictured) and view the 360° content in VR format.

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360° VR Video and Photography Camera

Creative, engaging 360° storytelling

The benefit of working with Southpoint Films is that, in addition to having high end 360° camera equipment, we’ll work with you to make sure that your 360° content achieves your goals.

Our experience in creative video production means that we’ll apply creative thinking to how 360° content can work for your business, and how your content can tell an engaging story that will keep your viewers hooked.

See how we used 360° video to share a day in the life of a student at the University of Southampton


360° VR video and photography (3D)

Experience VR in 3D

Our professional 360° cameras can optionally capture 3D 360° video at up to 6K resolution.

If your project is primarily going to be viewed with VR headsets, filming in a 3D stereoscopic format makes objects stand out, simulating depth in the image.

See an example

(Note: You will need a Google Cardboard or similar headset to see the 3D effect.)

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Taking your first steps with video

Video doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Forward-thinking businesses can use video in all sorts of innovative ways, including giving customers a taste of their product, providing useful support information to existing customers, or creating stunning promotional videos that can be shared online, played at business exhibitions and shown during presentations.

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